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Socialmedia is one of the leading modern day advertisements where theargument by authority fallacy is present. It ismainly because social media is a misguided medium of publicationwhere anyone has the right, freedom and opportunity to assume anyposition they desire. Importantly, it should benotedthat this form of advancedday noticeis consistentlyused to openly attract a given population towards a company’sexisting product and services. Although this type of publicationis consistent in appealing to the general needs and demands of itstargeted consumers, it allows an individual to take up a position ofauthority without necessarily being an authority in a particulardepartment within the organization. It is mainly because of this thatvarious elements of fallacy are present in the argument by authority.

Inthe argument by authority more elements of inconsistencycontinue to offerit. That is because no expert opinion has been incorporated in itsadvertising model despite knowing and understanding that modern dayconsumers rely heavily on expert opinion. For example, despiteknowing the importanteffects of smoking cigarettes, the text goes ahead to encourage itscustomersto purchase the product claiming it’s good for their health. Usingthe forfeited quote, “doctors smoked particularbrands of cigarettes that enabled themtowalk the proverbial mile,” the argument by authority canconfidently use the emotional appeal to take advantage of theirconsumer’s state of vulnerability. That ismainly dueto the implicitclaim that cigarette smoking is harmful to the health of anindividual and the fact that somehealthcare practitioners opt to back the existence of the productdespite its health risks.


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