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Response to Carson on Environment Unit


Responseto Carson on Environment


In the book, &quotThe obligation to endure&quot by Rachel Carson,the author make serious claims on the currents state of our world.She highlights the growing threat of environmental degradationcourtesy of human activities on earth. She singles out the modernindustrial world for destroying the greatest portion of the planet. Iagree with her view that it is the current generation, which happensto be aware of the negative impact of human activities on nature,which has the potential to reverse the situation and save humankind

Carson (1984) categorically states that modern factories are eager tomake money at whatever cost. I genuinely believe that these plants donot act randomly but rather exemplify human decisions. What iscurrently blamed on industrialization and factories is clearly anillustration of the moral fabric of society. People have createdthese entities to amass wealth. Thus, to address the issue of climatechange and environmental destruction, there is a need to change man`sway of thinking. As human beings, we need to understand thateverything in this world is interlinked. There is no point for anorganization to forego green production processes and cover for thatthrough sponsoring environment conservation programs or throughpaying a carbon tax. We need to understand that the plastics we makeor the fossil fuel burnt daily in our lives will deny us the verylife we are trying to advance.

I share my convictions with Bill McKibben (1962) that the matter ofthe environment is strictly a moral issue. The destruction of theenvironment mirrors our moral values as a society. The modern societyis immersed in consumerism with a few controlling billions of dollarswith the rest wallowing in poverty. Those who benefit from destroyingthe economy for material gain still believe that they are unaffectedby climate change. However, time is coming when they too will bow tothe forces of nature.

To summarize, I am deeply worried about the future. Generations tocome might not know what it means to enjoy their natural right to asafe environment. For now, it is paramount to create the necessarypublic awareness to rope in all humanity, including those who denyclimate change, in the green revolution to save our kind. The time tochange is now and not a day later.


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