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Response to Sexism

Responseto Sexism

MichelleObama addressed Donald Trump’s sexist remarks during HillaryClinton’s campaign in New Hampshire. The First Lady stated thatTrump is a candidate who has uttered awful things about women duringhis whole campaign. She was shocked that a person who sexuallyassaulted women was a presidential candidate in the United States ofAmerica. Michelle dismissed Trump’s claim that his utterances werejust locker-room talk. She reiterated that no woman deserves suchsexist treatment, no matter her political affiliation. The First Ladyalso argued that men were worried because Trump was setting a badexample for boys. Michelle employs numerous rhetorical devices tomake the speech impactful to show her outrage towards Trump’ssexist remarks and proves that women can achieve great things.

Throughoutthe speech, Michelle builds on her credibility as a trustworthyperson. For example, the First Lady refers to New HampshireCongresswoman, Annie McLane Kuster, as a dear friend(TopTrends 2016). Thus, it emphasizes the close relationship between theFirst Lady and a well-known female politician to prove that thelisteners can trust Michelle. For example, she describes the girlsshe met at the White House as amazing to demonstrate to that women donot necessarily conform to Trump’s sexist comments. She usesseveral negative words to show that Trump’s remarks were unkindtowards women. For example, Michelle indicates that “it is cruel,frightening, and the truth hurts” (NPR 2016). Hence, it portraysthe damaging impact of Trump’s words. Michelle gives the audience avivid explanation using examples to show how wrong and offensiveTrump’s words were thus, it was bound to make the womenuncomfortable. For example, the First Lady associates the sexistremarks to a scenario where a woman is walking down the streetwithout disturbing anyone and someone yells vulgar words about herbody.

Thespeech is more persuasive when Michelle uses emotions to stress thatsexism has created a hostile social environment for women. Forinstance, she states “maybe we are afraid to be that vulnerable.Maybe we have grown accustomed to swallowing these emotions andstaying quiet because we have seen that people often will not takeour word over his” (Top Trends 2016). The emotional statement showshow women are accustomed to unfair treatment because they are alwaysgiven an inferior position in the society. Michele places women inthe same rank as men by showing that they have the same capabilities.She compares Hillary Clinton’s exposure and achievements as theSecretary of State to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s experience.Her speech demonstrates that even a woman can make a great president,who can lead the country to greatness. To stress her claim, Michelleindicates that Hillary has faced her share of challenges andsucceeded by traveling to 112 nations, negotiating a truce, a peaceaccord, and the release of rebels (NPR 2016).

Michelledelivers her speech passionately with conviction, which makes itsound sincere and convincing. The First Lady also personalizes thespeech with stories to show that women are significant contributorsto the society’s development contrary to Trump’s sexism remarks.Michelle narrates her experiences and the life history of HillaryClinton, which enables the audience to relate to them. For example,she paints Hillary as a loyal wife and great mother who raised anextraordinary young woman (Top Trends 2016). Michele also engages thelisteners to keep them attentive and captivated while she criticizesTrump’s comments. Thus, it makes it easy for the audience tounderstand and relate to her rage.

Inconclusion, Michelle Obama’s speech addressed Trump’s sexistcomments to show that the remarks were offensive to women. Michelledelivers her speech in a passionate way, which makes it sincere andpersuasive. The address is also personalized with stories to help theaudience relate with the speaker. Michelle’s speech makes it clearthat a misogynistic man should not be given a chance to run thecountry. Hence, the speech persuades the audience against voting forDonald Trump. She shows her outrage towards the comments bydescribing the random and extreme cruelty towards women and equatesit to Trump’s remarks. Michelle’s speech tries to prove thatwomen can achieve great things despite people like Trump who try toput them down. Besides, they need to be courageous and refuse to beundermined by sexist men like Trump. Therefore, she asserts thatHillary Clinton is the best presidential candidate and dismissesTrump’s leadership capabilities.


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