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Response to “The Vietnam War.”

Responseto “The Vietnam War.&quot

Responseto Kerrie Melton

Iagree with you that the United States’ military should not haveinvaded Vietnam. This is because apart from the fact that majority ofthe Vietnamese did not understand the differences between democracyand communism, the invasion also damaged American soldiersemotionally, physically and psychologically. With such high numbersof soldiers deployed, it was evident that the United States wasrisking having a lot of casualties because such figures increasedindividual`s possibility of harm or injury. America`s involvement inVietnam War resulted in even tougher consequences because itmotivated the cold war because many countries began to question itsdiplomacy and effectiveness of its foreign policies. Vietnam wasalready unified following the 1954 Geneva accord, and the divisionwas only supposed to be temporary. Lastly, I agree that the USinvasion of Vietnam was unjustified because veterans have had to livewithout limbs while families and friends lost their loved onesbecause of pride and government`s refusal to withdrawing its troopsfrom the country (Kerry, 1971). Thank you.

Responseto Rhianna LaValla

Iagree with you that America’s military invasion of Vietnam wasunjustified. It is true that political instability in Vietnam couldnot have affected the United States (Kerry, 1971). Additionally, Ibelieve that America’s military actions were unjustified becausethey used violence and rape to torture Vietnamese. The army had shownabsolute horror on the innocent Vietnamese citizens to the extentthat the whole purpose of the mission became questionable. The factthat the invasion depicted American`s loss of morality throughfalsification of body counts is an indication that it was a militarymistake and should never have happened. The Marines went againsttheir code of no man left behind, and they also had the highestnumber of casualties (Kerry, 1971).


Kerry,J. (1971). Vietnam Veterans against the War statement.