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Responses 3q1



Typically,research shows that there has been a rise in the number of knowledgeworkers over time and it is among the most promising field. I find ithad for the authorities to regulate knowledge workers such as thesoftware engineers and the lawyers due to the complexity of theirprofessions and they can determine the fate of significant activitiesin the society (Leonard, 2013). According to Barbrook and Richard(2013), it is hard to control knowledge workers due to the“non-routine” and problem-solving nature of the work thatrequires a lot of creative thinking. As a result, they continue toearn more for the extensive research they conduct for them to providesolutions to problems that we face in our daily lives (Ikujiro 2014).This has and implication that they cannot be controlled and they havemuch power in making decisions on the share they will get thus theyend up grabbing the largest proportion.


Itotally agree with my colleague regarding the material to be used inconducting the research in that it should be published within thelast five years. It is also interesting to note the mode of selectionof the research material since it should fit the central question tobe answered in the dissertation (Jones, 2011). This entails thetheoretical and practical aspects of the project thus the researchmaterial should remain relevant. According to Silverman (2013), it iscrucial to strike a balance between writing and the researchconducted. This has an implication that extensive research has to bedone before you proceed to write the findings (Bell, 2014). Lastly,one of the major question I can ask is about the change of ideasdocumented in some of the books. Is it still valid to use an ideafrom scholarly material recommended yet there is a slight deviationin the way things are currently?


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