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RetailBusiness for Sports Facilities


Spaldingindoor and outdoor basketball will be ideal for customers as theneighborhood has one YCMA indoor court and fourteen outdoor courtswhich are well suited for the ball. The customers are average incomeearners and thus will find no problem in purchasing this ball whichretails for $55. Given that the members play at least once in a week,the Spalding indoor and outdoor basketball is ideal since it canwithstand the challenge of competitive play.


Traditionalstores will be ideal- because many customers like to have a feel ofthe products before purchasing. The customers also prefer testing theproducts to confirm suitability before purchasing. In addition, mostcustomers do not have the patience of waiting for a product when theyneed it. This convenience makes a traditional store ideal for theparticular target market.


Promotiontwo- buy a ball, see a game. Most of the potential customers aresupporters of Brooklyn nets and they will find this promotionenticing. The target group is mostly the youth who prefer attending agame for some financial gain. The offer, coupled with the proximityof the basketball courts work as perfect enticement to the customers.


Pricingmix 1-This will be ideal given that the firm is trying to assertitself in the market and therefore, penetration pricing isrecommended [ CITATION Tim11 l 2057 ].The potentialclients being average earners, will easily afford the prices in themarketing mix.

Brandand Sales Pitch

Branddirection 2- The logo, name and tagline recommendation is appealingand captures the passion for the sport, thus relaying the intendedinformation.

Salespitch- Brooklyn retail store avails the best basketballs for indoorand outdoor games. It offers an opportunity where the value for moneyis compensated by quality. It is a rare offer but we bring it to youabsolutely free!


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