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ThePost-Feminist Vampireis an article that explores the theme of feminism in Vampireand other articles published in response to the film. One message inthe article is that feminism is a prominent theme. Females are seenas objects. In Twilight,Bella Swan has Edward and Jacob as suitors. The audiencedifferentiates themselves as Team Edward and Team Jacob, and not TeamBella because she is considered a female and hence should not have avoice. The second message is the strong appeal of the Twilightto the audience. Mothers and daughters read the book together.Teachers and students also discuss the book and the film in class.The third message is gender relationships. Edward falls in love withBella. Their first kiss shows a romantic relationship. My assessmentof the reading is that it indicates gender imbalance in the society.Men believe that females should be controlled. Edward protects Bellaby closely monitoring her activities. I reacted positively afterreading the article. This is because it gave me knowledge aboutcontrolling behavior. Human beings do not like to be controlledbecause each person can make an appropriate and independent decision.

Wife,Mother, Vampire: the Female Role in the Twilight Seriesis an article that was written by Rocha Lauren. The article presentsa critical analysis of Meyer Stephenie’s Twilightseries (2005-2008) in which he discussed the concept of feminism. Inher analysis, Lauren concludes that Meyer’s article was a realbacklash of feminism. Unlike the preceding Vampire,Meyer used characters like Cullen to depict feminism in a differentmanner. The article taught me a lot of things. First, I knew aboutthe portrayal of feminism in the Vampire.Women are viewed as objects of desire by both people and vampiresbecause of their beauty. Second, it enlightened me that the societyhas been male dominated for a long time. Males like Edward controlwomen by monitoring their activities and relationships in thesociety. Males also aim at influencing the decisions made by women.Third, characters like Bella informed me about the treatment of womenin the society. Females are expected to submit to men by depending onmen for identity. Bella is repressed by the identity and roles ofbecoming a wife and mother. My reaction is positive because thearticle depicts actual occurrence in the human society. The articleeffectively describes gender roles in the current society. Women areviewed as weak and hence are protected by men in the society.Protection and identity are ensured when the females become mothersto sons and wives to men.

FilmReview Template

Titleof film:Twilight(2008)

Plotof the film:The Twilightis a romance fantasy film released in 2008. It is an adaptation ofMeyer Stephenie’s novels. The film was written by RosenbergMelissa and directed by Hardwicke Catherine. It presents a storyrevolving around the relationship between Cullen Edward Swan Bella.Unlike Bella who is a teenage human being, Edward is a vampire.

Themeof the film:The theme of the film is vampire society. The film maker views thevampires as unique creatures with extraordinary abilities to engagein good or evil deeds.

Pointof view of the filmmaker:The filmmaker explains that the society has both evil and good deeds.A good vampire, Edward Cullen, engages in good conduct by protectingpeople like Swan Bella. In the society, the police officers engage ingood conduct by ensuring the safety of people. However, some peopleengage in bad activities for example, money laundering and illicitdrug trade.

Howwas the “vampire” portrayed in this film? Give Examples.The vampire is portrayed as a friendly creature. He uses hisstrengths to protect the teenager, Swan Bella, from attack by othervampires.

Howdid society react to the Film? Give Examples.The society gave mixed reactions because of the manner in whichfeminism features in the film. For example, it was criticized byscholars who were not happy with the gender roles in the film. Womenare portrayed as weak for example, Swan Ball is protected from evilvampires by Edward Cullen.

Whatwere the characteristics of the slayer?The slayer is portrayed as a brutal character that uses his strengthto cause havoc in the society by killing or torturing people.

Howdid the era in which the film was made affect the message of thefilm?The film was produced at an appropriate era that made it easier tosensitize the society on feminism and gender roles in the society.

Werethere any underlying messages in this film?The film is educative because it has a lot of lessons on feminism. Ituses the vampire to explore the theme of feminism in the society inensuring gender equality and addressing human challenges.

Summarizeyour reaction to and evaluation of the film: Thefilm generates positive reaction because it entertains the audiencebased on imagined and actual happenings in the society. The evilvampires represent people who cause harm in the community forexample, murders and robbers. Good vampires are people who protectother vulnerable members of the society for instance, parents,physicians, security staff, and government leaders.