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SSJEMM Chef’s Kitchen Renovation

Assignment #2: RFP

CKPM212 – Project Cost &amp Procurement Management

Chef’sRestaurant Kitchen Renovation

Version1.0 approved

Oct21 2016

Tableof Contents

Overview Pg.Introduction Pg.Company Background Pg.Project Description Pg.Project Schedule Pg.

Technical Requirements Pg.Scopeof Work Pg.Quality Requirements Pg.Resource Requirements Pg.ChangeControl Requirements Pg.Reporting Requirements Pg.





stainless steel fridge/freezer

$10, 000

Stainless steel stove with 8 burners.mircrowave

$9, 900

marble counter tops

$1 500

Inorder to have an extremely high-grade kitchen, the appliancesprocured must meet the standards of the most exceptional qualitychef`s kitchen. Items to be procured include: a stainless steelfridge/freezer, stainless steel stove with 8 burners and microwave,and marble counter tops. In order to procure these appliances to meetthe demanding needs of the restaurant owner, the contractor mustacquire a vendor that exceeds all expectations. Not only should thisvendor present the finest in appliances, but design and functionalityare key to the overall utility of the space. Modern appeal mixed withquality materials and backed by warranty, these items must beprocured to fit the elegance and modern design set forth by theArchitect/Design contractor.

Theproject team must determine a company best suited to meet all theneeds of the project in order to eliminate the risk ofdissatisfaction. The project team understands that the correspondingvendor may be located overseas, so the need for longer duration isnecessary in receiving orders in a timely manner. Going over theschedule is not an option as the project is allocated based on theupcoming event following the closing that will be held in the spaceand cannot be delayed. Acquiring a vendor that understands thedemands of a schedule and can meet the deadlines agreed upon is alsonecessary and should be researched further to uncover past successesor failures of the company. Ultimately, the vendor must be reliableand trustworthy, along with all other standards provided by theproposal.


SSJEMMis a company that stands behind only the most exceptional quality andhigh grade standard of projects. Specializing in renovations anddesign/architecture of business spaces, SSJEMM has the extensiveknowledge and experience required to delegate the proper vendors andservices in order to bring the clients need`s to life. This projectwill a dedicated example of the company`s ability to design and buildto the customer`s standards and allow for a long term entertainmentspace. Customization and creative design are key components that setSSJEMM apart, and providing the best possible experience to everyclient is of utmost importance. SSJEMM delivers the highest standardin projects and includes an extensive record of past successfulprojects.


The client, who is the restaurantowner, has expressed his desire to have the kitchen renovated to ahigher-grade. The kitchen is outdated and crowded, and the objectiveof this project is to upgrade it into a modern exotic kitchen. He hascontacted SSJEMM consulting firm to conduct the renovation of thekitchen. The restaurant owner has demanding expectations. Hence, thecompany has to contract a high-quality vendor to meet theseprospects. SSJEMM consulting firm will determine the quality thateach shortlisted vendor has to offer regarding the services,appliances, and items they can provide. The renovation exercise willinvolve updating the flooring by installing high-grade tiles. It willrequire adding wiring systems. In addition, the contractor willinstall high-quality lighting systems and electronic systems likeovens, fridges, and cookers. New window treatments will be installedto give the kitchen an exotic design. The furniture will behigh-quality wood and plastic chairs and tables to make up the eatingarea. The entire process will make use of high-grade fabrication,materials and installation appliances. SSJEMM consulting firm willpay attention to detail and careful planning. The walls will bepainted and the plumbing updated. The finishing detail will be ofsuperior quality. The restaurant is approximately 500 sf. in size andrectangular in shape. The existing cabinets are a meter and a halfhigh but can barely accommodate the available kitchen tools andtherefore need to be replaced. The kitchen needs to be redesigned asmultiple cooks cannot be accommodated. The kitchen is separated fromthe eating area by a wall with a see through fireplace. The cookingsurfaces and appliances are outdated and need to be replaced withnewer versions. To achieve the desired design, materials and coloreffects will be selected to recreate the effect of the kitchen area.A separate microwave and baking oven will be built in the adjoiningwall. The kitchen, eating area, and the entire restaurant will befitted with hand-scraped hardwood tiles.

The contractor will include someadditional items, requirements and appliances in his scope of thework. This will include:

  1. Efficient management cost and control system (MCCS). This will assist in providing a detailed budgetary estimate and report of all the activities that will be undertaken including all purchases to be made.

  2. Critical timelines including the implementation period. This will ensure the completion of the project on the stipulated time and avoidance of absenteeism. Any project schedule issues that might arise will be addressed and defined in the proposed revised schedule.

  3. Quality assurance through training in risk and safety management and outlined quality requirements which the client has to agree to (section 2).

  4. Material purchases will include stainless steel freezer, microwave, burners and marble counter tops.



Scopeof Work

TheProject consists of the following:

  1. Contractor shall provide all labour, materials and equipment to design and deliver the supplies

  2. Contractor is to provide detailed design and specs of each of the following equipment

    1. Stainless Steel Fridge – 38.5” 34.3 Cu. Ft. 4-door

      1. Exterior: Mable edge to match countertop

      2. Interior: 10 glass shelves, 4 transparent glass drawers, 3 adjustable levels

    2. Stainless Steel Freezer – 15.5 Cu. Ft.

      1. Exterior: Mable edge to match countertop

      2. Interior: 5 adjustable glass shelves, 4 transparent glass drawers

    3. Stainless Steel Stove with eight burners – 910mm height, 1080mm in width, 635mm in depth

      1. Exterior: Marble edge to match countertop with removable burners for easy cleaning

      2. Interior: 4 adjustable grill racks

    4. Three Microwave – 4.5 Cu. Ft.

      1. Exterior: Mable edge to match countertop, with transparent window

      2. Interior: Glass turntable with stainless steel walls

    5. Marble Countertops – 80.5 Sq. Ft.

      1. Finish: Polished finish with a glossy look

      2. Colour: Blue Pearl

  3. Contractor shall provide Cost Proposal of each equipment and must clearly state the equipment modem and all operational functions

  4. Contractor must send all documentations and electronic files to the Logistics &amp Vendor Coordinator: Sinan Naji at [email protected]

  5. Upon Sign-Off, contractor shall begin constructing of equipment

  6. Contractor is to demonstrate proper operation and maintenance procedures and provide Operation and Maintenance Manual to the Logistics &amp Vendor Coordinator

  7. Contractor is to deliver equipment by the dates provided in Project Schedule.

  8. The contractor is fully responsible for any damage to the equipment during shipping

  9. Contractor shall provide a one-year warranty that includes all parts, and materials

  10. Contractor is responsible for compliance with applicable local and national codes and safety regulations


-PMwill ensure project will remain within scope, schedule and budget.They will endorse the importance of this to the team to maintain asuccessful project

-Allmaterials order/request for this project will be of the best qualitypossible that the project budget can afford

-Materialwill assess and confirmed by appropriate personnel and confirmingfinal order

-Allmaterial being delivered will be insured in the event of unforeseencircumstances of damage or wrong items being delivered.


-Allvendors will be subjected to submit a RFP, RFQ and RFI to sponsor.

-Acomplete schedule of employees shall be available once thecontractors are selected to work

-Allcontractors are responsible to provide own personnel to work onproject and be able to complete project as scheduled

-Allvendors will adhere to the contracts assigned and provide theservices that were agreed upon in the scope, schedule and budget.

-Allvendors will have a cost assigned to the material/labour that isrequested.

ChangeControl Requirements




Based onthe requirements for this kitchen appliance services, SSJEMM willaccept a Cost plus Award contract with the bidder.

Term 1 –Confidentiality Itis understood that upon entering the contract until expiration orearly termination of this Agreement, the Contractor shall notdisclose any such files as records, documents, specifications,information, and other related items to any person without the priorwritten consent of SSJEMM Consulting and shall at all times preservethe confidential nature of the relationship.

Term 2 –BreachItis understood that for violation of this Agreement and/or not meetingspecifications outlined in the contract, SSJEMM shall have the rightto terminate the contract without liability. SSJEMM shall claimdamages for all expenses incurred in obtaining another Contractor tocomplete performance hereunder.

Term 3 –Disputes

Term 4 –Warranties

Thewarranty should cover all technical requirements of the appliancesbut also long term performance standard to that of the initialpurchase. The warranty will be represented by the vendor which willbe relied upon for any issues throughout the life of the appliances.The owner is requesting a minimum 8 year warranty on these specificappliances

Term 5 –Termination

Theclient may, by notice in writing to SSJEMM,suspend or terminate whole or any part of the contract thereof or anyportion of any stage in the contract. This may be done at any timewithin the duration of the entire project that is provided. Upon thereceipt of such written notice from the client, SSJEMMshall undertake no further operations or undertakings that may gocontrary to the expectation of the client. Instead, SSJEMM shouldperform the services that are reasonably and logically necessary toterminate the services offered to the client who wishes to terminatethe agreement. In the event of such an occurrence, the client is topay SSJEMM for all the services delivered and performed and allincurred disbursements in pursuit of the said agreement. The clientis to also settle all unpaid proceeds effective as of the date of thecontract termination. If the client defaults on any part of theagreement, then SSJEMM is to, by written notice to the client, askfor the correction of the default. If within 30 days of receipt ofthe written notice the client has still not settled the claimeddefault, then SSJEMM may terminate the agreement with immediateeffect. In such an event, the client should pay SSJEMM for allincurred services and unpaid settlements to the date of thetermination. In the event of the death of an individual contractorbefore the completion of the services, the agreement may beterminated, and the client is to pay for all services as to the dateof the termination.

Inthe event of a contract termination, SSJEMM is to return allequipment, photographs, documents or materials, to the client in thesame condition as they were provided in for the purpose of theproject

Term 6 –Withdrawal

Beforethe opening of the agreement, an invitation for bids may be delayed,canceled or withdrawn. Any or parts of the bid may be rejected andremoved by the client or any authorized personnel if it is determinedto be in the best interest of the concerned stakeholders. Afteropening the bids or proposals, the client may reject them. The clientmay withdraw his/her proposed project at any time prior to theopening of the bids or deadline for bid or proposal receipt through awritten notice to SSJEMM.


Thebidder will accept the project terms and payments on a cost plusincentive fee



Stainless steel fridge/freezer

$ 10 000

Stainless steel stove with 8 burners and microwave

$ 9 900

Marble counter tops

$ 1 500


Theproposal will be signed by the bidding company and the signeddocuments will be honored by the bidder. All terms and condition willbe agreed, and signed documents will mean that the bidder has agreedto the requirements and accept all request.

Bidderson submitting a proposal will notify the company. The proposal willinclude resumes of all personnel’s performing the work. Theproposal shall indicate the price at which the bidder is willing towork for considering the cost plus incentive fee agreement. Also thebidder should submit their terms and conditions to the company aswell.


Role or Title

Name and Signature

Procurement Manager

Security &amp Site Services

Project Manager

Logistic &amp Vendor Coordinator

Assistant Procurement Specialist &amp Logistics

Cost &amp Quality (Quality Assurance) Manager

10.Revision History

Reason For Changes



Initial Document