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Rhetorical Analyses of an Advertisement

RhetoricalAnalyses of an Advertisement

RhetoricalAnalyses of an Advertisement

Companiesusually use the media as the primary approach to disseminating theirproducts to potential customers. As such, when a firm produces aparticular commercial, the main goal behind such a step is to ensurethat the product or service will reach a huge audience and ultimatelyget sold. Many approaches and advertisements are applied to lurepotential consumers to purchase the wares. Some research studiespurport that promotional strategies are aimed at encouraging peoplenot only to purchase at one given time but also to repurchase overand over again due to the established brand loyalty.

Gillette,a major company for men (and women) products, have created a line ofshaving products that is quite appealing and humorous regarding theadvertisement campaign. The firm has come up with an ad strategy thatgets their products quickly noticed in the marketplace while at thesame time overshadowing other similar products by other companies.Their commercials directly imply that by using the shaving products,a person will adequately be able to shave completely and safelywithout any problem. Simply put, the razor is the ultimate shavingsolution. The Gillette advertisement captures consumers by reachingout to them through imagery that shows the ideals of how a good bladeshould work and also how efficient and safe it should be [ CITATION The151 l 1033 ].

Contextand Description

Inthe contemporary society, one of the most effective ways of selling abrand is to appeal to the buyers. As such, in the year 1905, theGillette Company created an advert in a magazine. In the ad, a babywas shown to be in a bathroom, holding a shaving razor seemingly fromthe company. On this baby’s chin and, there is an abundance ofshaving cream. This baby is also wearing a white bonnet and seems tobe having fun using the razor on itself. Clearly, the razor companyhad the goal to make sure that using the product was the order of theday [ CITATION The151 l 1033 ].It could have been the reason as to why the baby was illustrated tobe enjoying shaving, hence depicting how enjoyable it is to do thesame. The overall mood is a happy one, with the ad having additionaleye-catching words. On the upper left and right are the words “BeginEarly” and “Shave Yourself” while at the bottom are the words“Gillette Safety Razor” and “No Stropping, No Honing”. Thesewords accurately go hand in hand with the baby’s activities, and itspreads the message that since a small child can handle the product,so can adult without any fear of harm. Likewise, the use of the babytends to appeal to family men who have children.

Analysisof Rhetorical Appeals


Inthe Gillette advertisement, the use of logos is expressly highlightedby the words at the bottom of the ad and also by the depiction of thebaby. The inductive reasoning presents the specific, reliable andcompelling evidence of the ad. First and foremost, the words at thebottom are clear. The razor is illustrated to be safe for use. Thisis further explicated by the child, who despite having soft skin,uses the commodity without hurting itself in any way. The baby ishappy while using it. On top of that, the terminologies used at thebottom further elaborate that the Gillette razor the best choice foran individual to use. Essentially, it is no longer the norm to use astraight razor anymore.


Theuse of emotion is a tool that brings out responses by using words,pictures and sometimes parts of the body. In this Gilletteadvertisement, pathos has been significantly annotated by thedepiction of the baby with a razor. The happiness of the childcreates an aura of the joys of using the shaver and also how easy itis to use it. The method also promotes the safety of the tool showinghow much it is safe for the skin. The use of the baby as the maincharacter also appeals to men with families and children while at thesame time indicating the protection element of the product.


Inthis regard, the advert also brings out a representative ofcredibility as well as an ethical appeal whereby the characterinvolved persuades the audience. As such, the way in which the babyuses the razor creates an element that tends to say that if the childcan use the razor, so can a grown-up. Furthermore, since the baby canuse it, then it means that the mode of use is easy. Previously, thestraight razor was not easy to use, and this new product offered asubstantive solution.


Theway in which an advert is aired plays a significant role on how theusers will perceive the product or service. Gillette Company was ableto reach out to the consumers especially the men by putting to usethe elements of ethos, pathos, and logos in a strategic manner thatnot only indicated how safe their razor was but also how practicaland easy to use it is. Therefore the advert was able to reach outthrough the images and words on the goodness of the razor.


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