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Rockland County


Thehistory of dates back to as early as 1675 when theDutch came and settled in the area. The first settler’s constructedtheir Dutch-style houses, and this is why several objects and placesstill depict Dutch origins. Over the years, hasdeveloped and become a very famous suburban county in New York. Ithas a very competent administrative body that safeguards the rightsof the inhabitants. It has its courts and law enforcement agenciesthat ensure that the law is properly interpreted and that there issecurity. This essay is going to discuss ’sgovernment origin, leadership structure, organization, and sources offinance. Lastly, it will talk about the impact of the suburban to theeconomy.


Outof the five Towns of New York City, is the smallest.It boards Ramapo Mountains to the north and west, the State of NewJersey to the south and the Hudson River to the east. On February 23,1798, was made as a division of administration of theNew York state. The county is part of New York City MetropolitanArea, and it is located twelve miles north-northwest. Board ofSupervisors managed the County until 1970. According to the directionof the Supreme Court, an elected County Legislature was created inBoard of Supervisors as a reapportionment plan. Voters approved theCharter for the government of the County in a referendum which washeld on November 6, 1984. On 1st January 1986, the new AdministrativeCode and the Charter went into effect. These provided for theelection of County Legislature and Executive (Rocklandgov.com,2016).

Overthe years, has passed through a process oflegislative change that is common to many other American counties.New and more detailed legislations have been adopted because theinitial rules were simple only required for the establishment of thenew administration. As per the latest statistics, the county had atotal population of 320,903 and was comprised of people from mixedraces in the United States (Rocklandgov.com,2016).


Rocklandis headed by a county executive who oversees that normal operationsare running as is stipulated by the governing laws. The executiveperforms wide range of duties among and this can be divided intofiscal, administrative, meeting, and enforcement functions. There arefive towns in the county under the management of Town Boards andSupervisors. Additionally, the villages in aremanaged by trustees and mayors.


RocklandCounty has three trial courts: the County, New York Supreme, and theJustice Courts. The Supreme Court has authority over all criminal andthe civil cases. In the county, the Supreme Court only hears civilcases involving over twenty-five thousand dollars. Rockland, they arehandled by County Courts. They handle felony cases and sharejurisdiction with the village and town courts. The Justice courts arefound in every town, and fifteen villages and their primary purposeare to preside over minor cases including traffic offenses, and drunkdriving cases among many others.

Educationin is provided by private and public schools. It ismandatory to learn from kindergarten through to the twelfth grade.Individuals wishing to proceed with their studies can advance tocolleges and universities. The elected school boards set publicschools budgets, curricula, and policies for those in Kindergarten totwelfth grade. The school boards usually have jurisdiction overindividual school districts. The K-12 schools in the county followthe regulation of the state government including standardized testand supervision through Regents. The schools are funded by the local,state, and federal government. Private schools in the county areallowed to determine their staffing policies and curriculum.Education is compulsory for children between five and sixteen years.

Themission of the Rockland’s County Department of health is to protectand promote the health of the community. The county health departmentis governed by the principle of quality and affordable care. Thedepartment aims at providing a healthy and safe working environmentwhere every person has a productive and healthy life. Many hospitalsthat exist in the county offer top class medical services tocommunity members. These hospitals utilize electrical medical recordssystem in storing the patients’ data. All requests for thepatients’ medical records are usually directed to the RocklandCounty Archives. Authorization for the information must be completedfor the documents to be availed. The health department in the countyhas partnered with various health organizations to ensure that thehealth of the citizens is assured. These groups include Mental HealthAssociation of and the RSVP.

Thestability of heavily depends on the efficiency of itstransport system. The Planning, Highway Departmentsand Public Transportation works with the County Legislature, CountyExecutive, local municipalities, MTA Metro-North Railway, and theYork State Thruway Authority to come up with transportation policy toimprove the County’s multi-modal transportation network. Publicinvolve in formulating of transport policies through media, press andpublic forums. Residents of use buses, railroad,ferry, and airplanes.


The’s department of finance mission is to ensureaccountability and effective use of public funds. It is entrustedwith all fiscal responsibilities relating to the County expenditureand revenue recognition, collect taxes, and approval of all legalclaims. The department of finance provides certain services to thecounty government. These services include accounting, preparingfinancial statements of the county, payment of county employees, andcreditors. Additionally, it is involved in auctioning off theproperty owned by the county through the foreclosure process. Thedepartment also offers services such as bail refunds, collegecertificate of residence and return of funds held in trust and courtto the residents of the county (Rocklandgov.com,2016). Tax is the primary source of revenue for the county, and it has beenmade efficient mechanisms through the use of electronic media, hencegreater accountability.

Impactsof the Suburban

Suburbanis a residential district located outside the city. In this case,people living in the Suburban area commute to and from the city quiteoften and as a result, they may cause interferences with trafficflows. This means that suburban counties are likely cause trafficdisruptions because a majority of the people would be using theircars to commute to their workplace. Additionally, people living insuburban counties tend to have distinct cultures because they havehad little interactions with non-locals. RocklandCounty attracts local and international tourist through its culturalartifacts such as the Major John Andre monument and the old 76 houseamong others. This, in turn, earns the government a lot of revenue.


Itis evident that has developed over time to become avery important part of New York. This can be attributed to its richhistory which goes back to the early 1675 and its role in tradeduring that time. Over time, it has managed to establish itself andhave its leadership responsible for overseeing that normal operationsare in check thus allowing its inhabitants to have good andsuccessful lives.


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