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Roy Adaptation Model Core

RoyAdaptation Model


Part 2

Companionand lack of sleep

Flexibleline of defense

Lossof job


Lineof resistance traumatic

Underthe flexible line of defense, some of the stressors that might beincluded in the category are the urge to have a companion. It isflexible since it is very easy to shift from that and stay with themom who would also take care of him. Another stressor that couldprobably be placed under this category is the lack of sleep.According to Rice(2012), lack of sleep is aless stressing issue and can be addressed easily. The nurse canprescribe some easy ways for him to adjust his sleeping hours andavoid “morning after” headaches. On the other hand, losing thejob due to injury may be categorized in the normal line defense. Itis a stressing factor, and itis arguably not to the efforts of the physicians to address theissue. It is quite normal in most workstations that a worker may berelieved of his or her duties if no longer capable of executing thesame normally. On the third classification, the traumatic head injurymay be classified under the line of resistance. It is a worst casescenario, and the client is not admitting that it is a problem he ishaving. The issue must be treated otherwise it might result in amedical complication.


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