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Thenew insight gained, and major themes found in the document onChristianity and the World Religions.

Onemajor theme in the document is the need for people of variousreligions to coexist. People have changed their way of life due tobetter technology which provides them with the latest information.Technology also enables people from different religions to worktogether. It is important for people to respect each other’sreligionas they interact. Due to the technological and cultural developments,secularization has also gone a notch higher. One also learns thatpeople’s religious beliefs are still intact despite the increase insecularization and plurality of religions.

Fromthe document on Christianity and the world religions, one learns thatthe theology of religions is yet to be defined clearly, but twoschools of thought try to address this issue. One of them states thatthe basis of religions is the covenant between God and Noah(International Theological Commission np). The thought is by JeanDanielou, Henri de Lubac, and a few other people. The other schooltalks about the offer of grace to all human beings. Peopleconsciously or unconsciously acknowledge the presence God’s gracein their lives (International Theological Commission np).

Anotherevident theme is the truth in the messages spread by variousreligions. Some people question the truth of the different religionsin the universe. In the document on Christianity and the worldreligions, one learns that the truth of a particular religion dependson the personal beliefs of those following the same religion. Thedocument also talks about God’s plans for humanity. There is onlyone God and a single plan for salvation. The Church has been calledupon to bear witness the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ tothe whole world. It should also champion efforts to encourage peopleof various religions to live in harmony.


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