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Same-sex marriage


Theissue of same-sex marriage, gay marriage, has been pervasive in therecent past with various states legally allowing the marriage of samesex individuals. topic has faced controversies fromreligions, government, and the society in general. Religious leaders,especially Christians, across the world have condemned gay marriageterming it illegal and contrary to the Christian values. The essaydelves into the topic of same-sex marriage and how various groups andorganizations have opposed the idea, in the modern world.


Overthe years gay marriage was already legal in 37 states until in 2015when the US Supreme Court made a ruling that ensured theconstitutional protection of gay marriage in all the 50 states[CITATION Pie14 p 42 l 1033 ].Various religious groups argue that same-sex marriage has never beenallowed in the history of humankind hence people should not twistculture to suit their social needs. According to Christians,scriptures from the bible go against gay marriage, stipulating thatthe man is expected to be the head of the house while the wife takescare of the household.

Thetopic of same-sex marriage has become controversial because peoplehave eventually come to approve of it and most states have legalizedgay marriage in the United States. However, some religions such asthe Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Christ haveshown their support for gay marriage[CITATION Pie14 p 35 l 1033 ].According to Biblical scholars, the original Bible did not containthe word “homosexual.”

Proponentsof gay marriage argue that whether bisexual, heterosexual, orhomosexual, they all are sexual orientations and a gift from God.Some Christians have approved of same-sex marriage and even carry outopen wedding ceremonies[CITATION Pie14 p 24 l 1033 ].People have rights and freedoms, and the Constitution protects theserights. Therefore, illegalizing gay marriage means the deprivation ofsome individuals’ rights and freedoms. The passage of same-sexmarriage enactments is a clear sign that countries and states haveembraced the idea.

Accordingto Christians, the New Testament prohibits homosexuality though thetopic has been received with mixed reactions. Additionally, the OldTestament mentions of sexual immorality, meaning homosexuality, whichis against the teachings of the holy bible. The Catholic Churchasserts that the only marriage that is approved is a man and a womantype of marriage, thus opposes same-sex marriage. Homosexuality amongthe Roman Catholic has been rebuked, as it goes contrary to theteachings and doctrines[CITATION Pie14 p 46 l 1033 ].Christians still believe that it is illegal and immoral to engage insame-sex marriage as it is contrary to the scriptures. Thescriptures in the Holy Bible forbid same-sex marriage, terming it assinful. On the contrary, various Christian denominations haveinterpreted the New Testament in various ways that have causedconflicts and separation of churches


Gaymarriage is a social issue that has been rebuked in the society,despite its approval by some groups and organizations. Sinceantiquity, same-sex marriage has been admonished by various religiousgroups terming the act as illegal and immoral. Homosexuality, amongChristians and Catholics, has been prohibited because it goescontrary to the doctrines and teachings of the church. Despite itsgradual approval in the society, gay marriage remains to be acontroversial issue. In the contemporary world, the idea of gaymarriage has been rejected as a result of the moral implication itportrays in the society.


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