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“Stonesin his Pockets”is a play by Marie Joneswhich baseson a story of a Hollywood company shooting a movie dubbed the “QuietValley.”The filmfeatures a scenic spot in a small metropolis in County Kerry a townbased in Ireland. Many of the residents of this cityare knownto be extra characters in Hollywood films according to this play.Thestory focuses on two friends Jake and Charlie who have been taken tofeature in the film “Quiet Valley.”Jake Quinn and his friend Charlie Conlon in their roles as extras inHollywood movies they help in telling a story on the impact theHollywood movie set has on the lives of the local communities inCounty Kerry. Charliegives a claim that he’s escaping a failed business project. He addsthat he has a dream of having his script the filming someday. On theother hand, Jake has recently landed from America and apparently hispresence in the movie depicts his intentions to have the Movie’stop lady actor as a lover whose friendship with Jake is only tobetter her accent.Thevideo describes on how the locals are excited to be the part offilming, but it later turns out that they are just extra kicks whichare used to meet the selfish interests of the Hollywood filmingcompany, contrary, various stylistic devices along with differentcharacters are used to bring coherence in the scene.

Theanalysis centers on the first scene of the play. Moreover, it aims atbringing out the action of the characters, the drama and humor,audience response and participation in the gameif it was stage played, the style used and the use of stylisticdevicessuch as imagery and symbolism in the play. The first scene begins byshowing Jake and Charlie having a moment at lunch time in the processof being acquainted with the other cast. They are joined by Mickeyone of the other locals who is alsofeaturingin the movie as an extra cast. Simon and Aisling also jointhem not after long who are in a company of two people who happen tobeassistantdirectors trying to get the extra characters on the movie set beforethe daylight disappears.

CarolineGiovanni who happens to be the films movie star appears on the setwith a man called John whoserve as her accent coach. Thefilming of the filmcontinues, Jake and Charlie are in a middle of a conversation.Notably, Jake has a manuscript that he wants to give to the filmproduction manager but lacks an opportunity to do so as the filmingof the day comes to an end. While at the back of the set, changing totheir street clothes, Sean who wanted to be hired as an extra but isnot hiredbecause of his drug abuse and drinking behavior appears. He is angryand curses the film managers. They later gather at a local pub withmany other people late in the evening. Sean leaves angry thatCaroline will not give him a job. She theninvites Jake to go back to the hotel with herJakeis excited that this is the opportune time to make love to Caroline,but this is not the case as Caroline is only interested in theCompany of Jake to improve her Irish accent. When shooting resumes,news break that Sean had drowned himself, the divers who found himsubmergedclaim that they found stones in his pockets.

Thedrama and humor in this scene takeplacewhen Caroline tries to mimic Jakes accent. The mimic is supposed toridicule and entertain and thus create a light moment in the play forthe audience. The two aspects (humorand drama) featureswhen Sean angrily curses that both Jake and Charlie have nothingspecial just like him and yet he hasno chance to starin the film. It is an example humor since itcreatesa light moment in the play. When the divers find Sean body,they claim that they found stones in his pockets this is the useof humor trying to show Sean’s determination effort in his suicidalmission.

Inthe scene, the characters’ action isevident in various instances. The characters keep changing roles, thetwo characters Jake and Charlie play more than one character in thisscene. Nevertheless,the change of positionsis seamless which is quite exciting.

Imageryand symbolism in this scene hasbeen used widely to represent wholeideas and addingmeaningto more than whatthe audience sees in the play. Characters represent general thoughts,and their actions reveal a deeper meaning.Also,the use of additionalcharacters illustrates the conceptof exploitation of a group of people that is entirely dependent onanother group that is more developed. For instance, Jake had an ideaof preparinga manuscript that would help his ideas get featured in one of theHollywood films by the company,but he was not able toparticipate.Hehas no significant role butjust an extra character with nothing much to offer but takeinstructions.

Thescene captures the emotion of the audience in several ways. First,the audience can develop a feeling of pity to Jake who developsfeelings for someone who is not interested in love with him. Sean’sdeath creates emotions. If the company hadat least given him a chance, he would not have committed suicide. IfI wereto stage act this scene,I would employ the use of curtains and boards that are clearlylabeled to help the audience understand the set even more. I wouldgroup the characters into minorand major character groups to help in seamless stage movement.

Tosummarize, the play employs a formal English language and fair use ofstylistic devices. For instance, there is the use of imagery andsymbolism to bring out the theme of exploitation of certain groups ofpeople by the most developed groups in the society. The idea whichshould not exist as it undermines others and can lead to the feelingof rejection and despair as portrayed by the death of Sean whocommitted suicide after getting no chance to feature in the Hollywoodfilm.