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Ithas alwaysbeen my dream to be an electrical engineer. Since my early childhooddays, I have lived to admire electricians in my estate who were everclad in overalls and carried with them a toolbox that they used forrepairs in homes. In my bedroom, I have made several connections thatinclude my homemade torch from dry cells. I also added a flashlightto my bicycle that gets its power from a dynamo that is charged bythe kinetic energy produced as a result of cycling. I do shoot trapswith a Foxfire team where I lead my team. My dream for the past sixyears has been to make it to a top university. Apart from a personalinterest, throughout my school life I have always done well in myphysics classes and even taught physics practical to my peers. Myproblem is the lack of money to further my education to joining auniversity where I can sharpen my skills. In addition to honing myskills, I would want to go back and change my community. I happen tocome from a family of 7 children and where finances have been astrain. It is my pleatowell-wishers,to help me realize my dream by sponsoring or offering me an educationscholarship. I promise I will not let you down. As Jaeyong, Kyungmook&amp Khanna (2016) posit educating a talented and a visionary childis educating an entire generation. While on scholarship I will workother less fortunate but ambitious children from my hometown. My goalis to keep their hope alive as I lead from the front.


Jaeyong,S., Kyungmook, L., &amp Khanna, T (2016) Dynamic Capabilities atSamsung: Optimizing Internal Co-Opetition CaliforniaManagement Review,58(4),118-140. doi:10.1525/cmr.2016.58.4.118