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Scientific principles


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Three ScientificPrinciples

In the manufacturing of“Sponge Cake”, first the process of emulsifier is used to mix andstabilize the two different substances. It improves the appearanceand uniformity of sponge cake. The baking process in sponge cake isnot only worked as the chemical process, but it depends on theinteraction of flour element ( Boss, 2016). It is necessary thatflour should be wheat flour as it provides high protein (gluten) thatgives the sponge cake its fine texture and helps all the ingredientsduring the process of rising. The presence of yeast feeds the sugarand starch through releasing sugar, alcohol and CO2. The CO2 bubblescreate light and airy texture in the dough. Fat helps to prevent thebubbles from escaping and gives a soft consistency.

In the manufacturing of“Angle Cake”, baking soda release carbon dioxide. This producesstrong base according to equation 2NaHCO3 → Na2CO3+CO2+H2O. Sugargives the direct source for yeast and improves the action. AddingVitamin C decreases the time required for making the mature dough.Since baking powder is the baking soda with the acidic property. Thisprocess neutralizes the base that produces more carbon dioxideaccording to equation NaHCO3 + H+ → Na+ + H2O + CO2. The egg isused alone in angel cake and acts as the binder while beaten eggwhite supports to maintain the gas bubbles. Salts enhance the angelcake flavor and increase the sugar mixture and soft fat (&quotBakingScience&quot, 2016).

The presence ofproteins in eggs enables to behave as ferments but in a differentway. Proteins stretch and unwind for the formation of elastic andflexible air bubbles. After beaten the eggs, they can develop more upto seven times of their original volume. Egg whites contain tiny airbubble, which raises sponge cake and angel cake (&quotThe Principlesof Scientific Cooking.&quot, 2016)


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