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Self Care and Values in Staff

SelfCare and Values in Staff


SelfCare and Values in Staff

Thereare several aspects that define a healthy lifestyle. While some mayconsider it as the action of ensuring that one is free of anyillness, there is also the aspect of self-care which is described asthe imperative human functions that are individually controlled anddeliberate (Schwarzer, Antoniuk &amp Gholami, 2015). At the sametime, there is an issue of self-initiation. Self-care can also beaffiliated to preventive medicine which is used to avert possiblehealth conditions. Equally, there are those who advocate fortherapeutic care which involves regular exercise and eating healthy.Further, self-care can be characterized by how we relate to eachother as well as the manner in which we accommodate new people in ourlives. Pop Sickle Sticks is a typical example of an organization thatembraces self-care which has assisted them in relating profoundlywith their clients while providing effective services. Theirself-care is affiliated with values which are also imperative in ourinteraction within the society.

PopSickle Sticks is an agency that deals with clinical services. Some ofthese services include therapeutic, drug prevention and chronicillnesses treatment. The agency philosophy on self-care is that whenone takes care of themselves on a daily basis, they can approachtheir work in a centered manner which is always wonderful. Further,the organization believes that self-care is the foundation of livinga better life while avoiding future challenges such as thoseemanating from chronic illnesses for instance, hypertension. Thisphilosophy is beneficial to the staff and the way they relate withtheir clients (Korschun, Bhattacharya &amp Swain, 2014). To beginwith, the staffs are expected to ensure self-care which they willtransform to the clients. Since the agency is a human servicesprovider, there is a relationship between how staff in a givenorganization operate and how they transcend these services to theclients or customers. In this regard, a healthy staff will transformhealthy services also to the clients from meals to evaluating theirmedical conditions.

Thereare ramifications if self-care is not manifested in human servicesprofession. To begin with, the workforce is the foundation of asuccessful organization. This implies that if the workers are notconscious on self-care, the organization may not achieve its goalsand objectives (Gursoy, Chi &amp Karadag, 2013). In everyorganization also, whether it is providing products or services, animportant aspect to consider is the satisfaction of the clients orcustomers. This is manifested through having a profound relationshipbetween these two stakeholders who are crucial in every organization.Without self-care, this relationship may lack which in turn affectthe number of customers an agency receives. Articulation of self-careis also depicted from the manner in which an organization or businessoperates. This also includes the relationship among the employees ina given organization, an aspect that is manifested in the interactionbetween the management and the staff. A successful organization thatis characterized by self-care among its employees ensures goodinteraction which is depicted from customers satisfaction.

Afurther description of self-care is based on the values embraced bythe workforce. Comparing the agency in part I and that in Part II,Pop Sickle Sticks is characterized by strong values across allaspects of its operation. To begin with, every operation in theagency depicts profound values from the reception to the interactionwith particular individuals. The values are also reflected in thestrategies adopted by the agency which includes the glass alwaysbeing full. As shown in the reception as well as the gardener, theyboth welcome someone who is new, Nick in a manner that depictsrespect. Values can be extracted from the words and actions (Gursoy,Chi &amp Karadag, 2013). Such include the use of welcoming wordssuch as welcome as well as making a client comfortable. This isindicated by the receptionist on how she handles Nick until he meetsHellen. From expressions to the services of providing a glass ofwater, such actions reflect the values adopted by the agency. Valuescan also be shown in the second golden rule described as the glass isalways full. Some of these values in this approach include politenessand cleaning as one goes. Additionally, there is also an aspect ofbuilding a community which will attract others. The extent to whichthese values play in the success of the agency is indicated by theattraction of new clients and the escalating numbers.

Implementationof these values has also played a part in the success of variousdepartments in the agency. These include the children department andthat of drug addiction control among the HIV and AIDS patients. Someof the values especially in the children services providers haveincluded calling people by their names, avoiding disrespect andswearing. Politeness in the HIV and AIDS department has allowed thetransformation of these patients to leading better lives. Otheraspects characterizing values are based on the leadership attributeswhich have aided in ensuring the success of the organization.Self-awareness is also important in every organization with some ofthe aspects describing self-awareness including personal disciplineand abiding by the set conditions in a given organization (Schwarzer,Antoniuk &amp Gholami, 2015). In this regard, self-awareness in thePop Sickle Sticks agency has been described by aspects such aspatience, ensuring rights and responsibilities which are key inpersonal operations and ensuring attributes such as good energy andpoliteness. Based on these self-awareness factors, staffs have theability to ensure successful organization through client satisfactionand effective services.

PopSickle Sticks has developed several principles in their professionallives. These principles included carrying vision in their pocket,taking the cover off the book and ensuring politeness which in thiscase did not cost anything. In the clean as you go approach, it wasbased on doing the right thing to avoid returning to the sameposition again. Considering the carrying of the vision in the pocket,it implied on ensuring that everything that the staff did wasdirected towards achieving the agency objectives. In theincorporation of politeness, it was the foundation of every actionthe staff took which was in line with other aspects such as beinghumble and respectful. Considering these principles in our lives,everyone has their goals and objectives in life which we must striveto achieve at all cost. These goals must be included in our dailyoperations (Schwarzer, Antoniuk &amp Gholami, 2015). At the sametime, our relationship with the community is found on values andaspects such as respect and being polite which helps us in building astrong interaction.

Inconclusion, self-care remains an imperative approach in ensuring welive a successful life both at an individual level and as workers. Itis essential to consider aspects that define self-care which includevalues and personal initiatives to promote our lives. It is throughself-care that we can interact effectively with other people in thesociety. In organizations, self-care is essential in promoting thesuccess of an organization. Values that define self-care and whichare important in our lives include being polite, respectful andhonest.


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