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self skills

Overthe years, life has been an endless journey of learning new thingsthat we deem necessary for survival. As it is common for most people,my mistakes are the sources of a huge part of the life lessons.Additionally, life accomplishments push my limits to new horizons,and each accomplishment is a source of new explorations to beat theprevious accomplishments. Additionally, the journey of life hastaught me to specifically use my skills to surpass the good and thebad presented by the world. In all of these situations, it isimperative that we develop and expand our already earned skills so asto excel within the societies we exist continually. It is from such arecollection that I know that the skills I possess would help meeasily cope up and contribute positively to the classroom, thestudent body, and or even excel in an Airforce Academy.

Eversince I was thirteen years old, just like any male child in thefamily’s history, camping and scouting activities have been aroutine part of my life. Over the years I have developed skills tosolve problems as easily as possible and with the scarcest availabletools. Survival in the camping treats equipped me with particularskills set to solve the problems faced within a camping expedition.As such, I would integrate such skills and develop a self-regulatorybehavior to help out my classmates. Making decisive conclusions basedon the current crisis that the students have would be an easy taskonce in the student leader position. In the Airforce Academy,discipline and recognition of a hierarchy of authority would beexecuted from my scouting experience where every scout appreciatesthe existence of a chain of command that instructs what people shoulddo at a specific time.

Imake friends easily and over time, I have developed a habit ofaccommodating people in my life despite the differences andconflicting opinions on issues. This life skill was crucially passeddown by my mother in collaboration with the church lessons I attendedwhen I was a kid. I grew knowing that tolerating people trains peopleto master the art of peace. As such, I would integrate with myvarious classmates, forming as many friends as possible. Not onlywould making friends be beneficial, but helping out those in need,consulting with as many people as I can regarding an issue wouldpresent me with the chance to make more informed decisions onmatters. This skill set would help me in the student leadershipposition as tolerating as many people would introduce me to theirperception of things hence easily understanding their problems andthe source of their grievances. Being a team player requires anindividual to recognize the abilities and limits of their partners.Therefore, possessing an open mind and high levels of tolerance wouldhelp me contribute well as a team player in the class since thelearning process appreciates synergies created to accomplish thecommon goal of acquiring a good education.

Feelingproud and happy of my achievements motivate me to go further andachieve more tasks. As such, my go-getter spirit is endless. Eachstudent would thrive with such an approach to life, same as anystudent leader would want to accomplish as many reforms for thestudents as possible. More particularly, the skill would come inhandy in an Airforce Academy, where accomplishments dictate the endresults of the students.