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Selfless Service



Thisteam building exercise is aimed at revitalizing the church’s visionof selfless service to all. It involves five lay pastors with anobjective of enhancing teamwork. The pastors will be required toembark on a cooking exercise where they plan together, and divide thedifferent duties amongst themselves. The pastors will have thechurch service hall at their disposal as the venue for the event. Thepastors have two weeks to plan for the event. It is expected thatafter the completion of this exercise the pastors will reflect ontheir recent behavior and start focusing on the overall vision of thechurch which is selflessservice to all (Cordeiro,2001).


-Invitationcards – cooking pans

-Foodstuffitems -serving dishes


  • Liaise with other church members, social workers and community workers to identify the homeless and the needy in the community.

  • Through one on one conversation, inform them of the lunch, invite them and convince them to attend the church service on that Sunday and then eat later.

  • Come up with the menu for lunch and divide amongst yourselves on whom to bring the foodstuff needed for the day.

  • Set the time to start the cooking lunch and agree on whom to cook the different dishes to be served.

  • Prepare a sermon which focuses on unity and uplifting everyone in the society.


  • What do you consider as success in our church and our ministry?

  • What do you admire most in your fellow pastors, and how have their unique qualities contributed in achieving the vision for the church?

  • What would have been different if you had made the lunch alone?

  • We are all different. How have our differences contributed to the success or failure of today’s exercise?


Cordeiro,W. (2001). Doingchurch as a team(1st ed.). Ventura, Calif.: Regal Books.