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  1. Explain the ring finger

Itoccurred when Rick had an accident on the timber saw and the tips ofhis two fingers were slashed. As a result, the hospital the twooptions of re-attaching the middle finger at a accost of $80000 orthe middle finger at $12000.

  1. How many people are uninsured?

Around50 million people lack health insurance.

  1. Why do some people work beyond age 65?

Someof the people have to find enough income that might help them insettling the medical bills that they have to deal with.

  1. What was the pre-existing diagnosis that caused BCBS todrop Tasha?

Shehad to fail to disclose a yeast infection that she had acquiredpreviously, and that amounted to false information.

  1. What is the role of Lee?

Leeis the hitman and he will always go through the application to findany slip-up and retrieve the company’s money. Often, anypreexisting conditions that one did not notice or identify tend tocreate a loophole.

  1. What is made that crack and sweep you toward?

Theinsurance companies will claim that the patient failed to reveal thepreexisting condition but, it tends to be a scenario that they havecreated, and claimed that he or she had given wrong information. Inthe process, they will take their money back.

  1. What happened with the bone marrow donor and recipient?

Theydid not agree to pay for the operation claiming that it was simplyexperimental and they were not certain if the treatment will besuccessful.

  1. What was the testimony of Dr. Linda Pino?

Dr.Linda Pino revealed that as a medicalreviewer at Humana, she denied a patient the surgery that could havesaved him. Later, the patient died, but, the company praised her, andshe was even promoted to a position of a physician executive.

  1. What program did President Richard Nixon launch?

HealthMaintenance Organization

  1. What was the concept? What do you think about what President Nixon did?

Theprogram decided that a patient had to pick a Primary Care Physicianthat will refer him r her to another hospital or specialist. Hence,the healthcare was influenced by the PCP.

  1. What HealthCare Program did President Clinton announce?

NationalHealth Reform

  1. What role did the First Lady Hillary Clinton play?

Shecontrolled the NationalHealth Reform and ensured that each one had the proper facilities andresources to facilitate their treatment.

  1. What was President Ronald Reagan’s comments, role?

Hebelieved that the NationalHealth Reform was a socialized medicine and he wanted the system tobe erased.

  1. List the names of several insurance companies.




  1. What new legislation did President George Bush sign into law?

MedicarePrescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003

  1. What is Adrian’s story regarding Canada?

Adrian’sstory showed that the socialized medicine was ineffective and someCanadians were unable to get the proper medication and they wanted toseek help from their American counterparts.

  1. What has been revealed about Canadian’s Health Care?

Thesocialized medicine has reduced the powers of the doctors and thenation has less equipments that can be used to treat the patients.However, the patients will not pay anything while seeking treatment.At some places, the medication is offered based on the

  1. What has been revealed about Cuba’s Health Care?

Cuba’shealth care is free for everyone and the citizens spend $251 to getefficient services. They have a lower infant mortality rate as wellas a longer life span too. Instead, they do not engage in medicalactivities for the sake of the profits like the Americans do.

  1. Comment on surgery.

Thesurgery does not need the medical insurance covers to undertake theoperation. It is also cheaper and readily available compared toAmerica.

  1. For the balance of the documentary, jot down 10 things that really shocked you and took you through ups and down emotionally:

  1. Dr. Linda Pino’s testimony was shocking since it is devastating to hear that she knowingly denied the patient the money for his operation, and he later died.

  2. The story of Larry and Donna Smith moving to their daughter’s storage room was also so emotional.

  3. A 79 year old Frank Cardile was also forced to undertake some manual labor to pay for his medical bills, and it showed how people are suffering.

  4. The fact that Cuba has better health care system that is free was also shocking.

  5. Tasha’s story where she was forced out of the healthcare plan because of a previous yeast infection shows how they plan to profit themselves.

  6. Lee’s role in his organization is also shocking since he plays the main role of finding mistakes and taking the company’s money back.

  7. The presidents also implemented some health programs that are discriminative and undermined the service delivery.

  8. Rick being forced to pick one finger that he wanted reattached was quite emotional.

  9. Besides that, Adam sewing his own wounds was devastating since she might have risked the cleanliness and the likelihood of getting more infections.

  10. They also denied the operation involving the cancer donor, and they claimed that the surgery was experimental yet, a number of people had claimed it was successful.