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SOAP Format – Nutrition Assessment


SOAPFormat – Nutrition Assessment

SOAPFormat – Nutrition Assessment

Subjectivedata and information

  1. The two twin babies a boy and a girl were born prematurely

  2. Their history includes early signs of a baby born prematurely such as their first mass after being born found to be 15 lbs., 11 oz. and 18 lbs. 11oz


Anthropometricassessment was used to obtain the following results. For example, aweighing scale was used to measure the mass of the babies. The heightof the childrenwas measured using a stadiometer,and the growth of the kids’skullcircumference was measured.

Thebabies’ weight on 11/11/2016was 19 lbs, O oz,and 23 lbs,0 oz respectively. Their mass on 6/9/2016&nbspwas 17 lbs., 11 oz.,and 21 lbs., 14 oz. Finally,their mass on 3/2/2016 was 16 lbs, 8 oz and 20 lbs., 0 oz.respectively.

Theirheight on 11/11/2016 was 29.5 in and 32.0 in respectively. Height on6/9/2016&nbspwas recorded to be 29.75 in and 30.5 in respectively.Lastly on 3/2/2016,theirheight was 26 in and 28 in respectively.

Thetwin babies head circle on 11/11/2016 was 17 in and 18.25 inrespectively. On 6/9/2016&nbsptheir head ringwas measuredand found out to be 17.5 in and 18.5 in respectively. Their head ringon 3/2/2016 was 17.25 in and 18 in respectively.

Theirtemperatures on 11/11/2016 were recorded as 98.9 F and 97.7 Frespectively. Early on date 6/9/2016&nbsptheir temperatures werefound out to be 98.8 F and 98.2 F respectively. Alsoon 3/2/2016,their body temperatures were 97.2 F and 101.2 F.

Theirpulse rate on 11/11/2016 was 113 and 126 respectively. On date6/9/2016&nbspthepulse rate was 131 and 128 respectively. Lastly,thepulse rate on 3/2/2016 had been found out to be 138 and 146respectively.

Finally,their respiration rate on 11/11/2016 was 26 and 32 respectively.Respiration rate early on 6/9/2016&nbspwas 29 and 27 respectively.Also,respiration on 3/2/2016 had been recorded as 28 and 28 respectively.


Theboy`sheight on date 3/2/2016 was found to be not normal for a growingpremature baby (Jong, Monuteaux, Elburg, Gillman &amp Belfort(2012). However, an improvement wasrecordedin the subsequent recordings.

Thebabies were growing normalcharacterized by their weight and height increase and averagebody temperature control.


Thechildrenwill continue with ahealthychildcare and feed program to help them enhancetheir weight and development.

TheBabies to get hepatitis B vaccine.


DeJong, F., Monuteaux, M. C., van Elburg, R. M., Gillman, M. W., &ampBelfort, M. B. (2012). Systematicreview and meta-analysis of preterm birth and later systolic bloodpressure.&nbspHypertension,&nbsp59(2),226-234.