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AlcoaMetal Manufacturers

22ndNovember 2016


Iam a resident of Jamaica in New York and I wish to commend yourcompany for the continued support of the local community through yourcommitment to job creation, support of communal services, fundinglocal charities, and your support for local talent through sponsoringsporting events among the youth. This is a greatly positive andsignificant contribution to our society and we are all grateful foryou.

However,there is an issue affecting us that I would like to raise. Recently,there has been an increase in cases of poisoning, particularly metalpoisoning among the residents of this estate. The cases haveescalated to unmanageable levels. After initial research wasconducted, it was found out that your company, Alcoa MetalManufacturers, is the reason behind this recent upsurge in heavymetal poisoning cases. The metal chemicals that your factory emits aswaste after manufacture your iron products are negatively affectingthe local population. Most of this waste finds its way into riverslike the Delaware and Hudson Rivers andfarm soil, where the residents end up ingesting it through food ordrinking water. They also inhale poisoned air, and their skins comeinto contact with these toxic substances in the atmosphere.Consequently, they end up with lead poisoning in their internalorgans like the liver and lungs and more prevalently, skin damage.Lead poisoning leads to cancer especially in children (Sampson&amp Winter, 2016).

WhileI support the role your manufacturing company plays in the society,there is a need for you to limit the level of environmental pollutionthat results from your operations. I believe that sustainableproduction methods with an emphasis on environmental conservationshould be the norm. The lead waste that you emit could be controlledby fitting your chimneys with filters, rather than releasing itunregulated and untreated into the environment. This has caused muchconcern to the people and I decided to raise this issue with you. Itis imperative that you employ more environmentally friendlyproduction methods to reduce the cases of pollution.

Ilook forward to receiving a positive response from you detailing yourcourse of action towards arresting this runaway situation. It is myhumble request that you will consider my request, which representsthe interests of the community at large. We need to reduceenvironmental pollution and we are ready to work with you towardsachieving that.



Sampson,R. J., &amp Winter, A. S. (2016). THE RACIAL ECOLOGY OF LEADPOISONING. Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race,1-23.