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Social Control and Bullying 2


SocialControl and Bullying 2

Bullying humiliates and hurts the victim emotionally and physically.It may occur at school, online, or in the community. Barbara Colorosomaintains that there is a close relationship between genocide andbullying. Coloroso argues that genocide begins in school whenlearners start to label their fellow school mates as &quotgay,&quot&quotblack,&quot or &quotslut.&quot

The most important step that is needed to study and analyze the issueof bullying is the marshaling of solid studies and perpetrators andvictims testimonies as portrayed by Barbara Coloroso in the Tedvideo. Most of the times, collecting information about bullyingincidents can be challenging. It is also hard to evaluate whetherthe contact between students can be termed as bullying. As such, itis important for investigators to interrogate both the victims andthe perpetrators of the bullying incidents.

Through marshaling solid studies and perpetrators and casualties’testimonies, investigators can collect the material facts of analleged bullying incident. Solid studies help in separating factsfrom lies. On the other hand, the perpetrator testimonies helpinvestigators to know what caused a bullying incident. Victims’testimonies aid the investigators to understand how the offense wasexecuted. It also helps in unearthing the potential repercussion abullying incident had on the victims. As such, interrogating thevictim helps in revealing the emotional, psychological, and economiceffects of a harassment incident.

A close correlation exists between the agents of socialization andbullying. For example, a large percentage of children who becomebullies were themselves victims of emotional and physical torturewhen they were young. In schools, most bullies do not perform well intheir studies. Consequently, they are ridiculed and mistreated bytheir fellow schoolmates and teachers by being termed as failures. Assuch, they use violence to compensate for their poor academicperformance. Also, most bullies have violent peers.

In conclusion, bullying affects the victim both emotionally andphysically. A person who is interested in researching about bullyingneeds to interrogate both the victims and perpetrators. Bullying isclosely related to the agents of socialization such as peers, family,and school. Most bullies come from violent families and associatewith delinquent friends.