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Coca-Cola company is counted as one of theworld’s most prominent brands. By justmentioning the name, it is most probable that one is picturing a redcan with the name Coca-Cola on its side (“The Coca-Cola Company,”2016). The company is a maker of soft drinks,and it has utilized social media as a platform formarketing thus realizing more than 80% of the operating profits fromforeign countries outside of the United States and Canada (“TheCoca-Cola Company,” 2016). Its socialmedia customer segments vary from the teens, the working class,youths and senior citizens. However, this paper focuses on the adultsbetween the age of 30 and 50 who want the taste of Diet Coca- Colabut are health conscious at the same time. Therefore, the mainproduct for discussion is Coca-Cola soft drink. Moreover, varioussocial media outlets and the elements oftheir campaign are to be explored. Again,the response of the customer segment to the strategy and a comparisonof the strategies to those of the main competitors are to bediscussed. Finally, two strategic recommendations shall beproposed to help the company in improving its sales and customeraccess.

The company utilizes various social media outlets to reach thecustomers. They are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn,Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus amongothers. On Twitter, Coca-Cola attracts more than 2.4 million ofpeople as followers who pay close attention to the company (“TheCoca-Cola Company,” 2016). The companyaveragely tweets about its products 60 times in a day. It employscrowd-source content as a strategy. Here, the company runs campaignsthat engage its audience and create content that is shareable. Thisstrategy makes the audience feel that they are part of the productand at the same time, it motivates them to be advocates of thecompany. For instance, there is room to create a oneself-videowithout strain. This person will probably retweet or share that videowith friends who will, in turn, generatetheirs, and the brand expands. Anotherstrategy is direct engagement, which is a nightmare to many bigbrands. It is a show of appreciation and love for the most loyalcustomers and is also a method of customer service. The companydirectly tweets some customers (“TheCoca-Cola Company,” 2016). Involvement ofinfluencers is another strategy. Influential people like RyanSeacrest are used to helping users add their selfies to the company’spage on “a lead-up to the world cup” campaign for example. Thedominant tweet is a message of inclusion. On Tumblr, the companygives stories and is regarded as one of thebest brands in doing so. It uses mixed messages on this platform. Thecompany does not dominate its Tumblr blogs with sales messages alonebut uses other stuff like photos, memes,and animations that are funny for people to enjoy. On Instagram,Coca-Cola uploads short videos of individualsenjoying the diet drink and many people embrace it. The videos arenot only exciting but also worth watching repeatedly. Averagely, onevideo can get more than 55,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments(“The Coca-Cola Company,” 2016).Facebook is Coca-Cola’s huge fan base. Its page has more than 82million likes. The company employs “staying cohesive” as a tacticon Facebook marketing. This strategy involves having all the contentshared on the other outlets put on Facebook because it has a largeaudience. The content includes videos, images, sponsorship programsamong others (“The Coca-Cola Company,”2016). This is a cool move by the company.

The target group of customers for the company was the adults between30 and 50 years and their response to the program (“The Coca-ColaCompany,” 2016). Following the respondinglikes and retweets of the advertisement and the current increase insales of the company, one can tell that there is a positiveresponse from the customer segment. One good thing about thecompany’s strategy was taking the customer feelings seriously.Coca-Cola had introduced a brand by the name “New Coke.”It received negative reviews on social media,and within a span of three months, the company stopped its supply.This move gave the customers confidence of participating in itsactivities. The uniqueness of Coca-Cola’s social media strategy hasproved its effectiveness. There have been hiccups,especially regarding costs. The ChiefExecutive Officer, Mr. Muhtar Kent loudsCoca-Cola’s strategy of marketing as the best in the world (“TheCoca-Cola Company,” 2016).

One of the main competitors of Coca-Cola is Pepsi. However, Pepsihas scored less on social media strategies than Coca-Cola.Conversations around Coke on social media were 2.5 times greater thanthat of Pepsi. Moreover, the company has more Twitter and Facebookfollowers than Pepsi. Again, the cost of social media advertisementis greater for Coca-Cola than Pepsi. A campaign named “Out of theblue” was initiated by Pepsi on Twitter to give its customers achance of meeting celebrities but Coca-Cola countered it with “Sharea Coke” campaign that defeated Pepsi’sstrategy (“The Coca-Cola Company,”2016). Coca –Cola does its social media advertisement well thanothers through building central campaigns, crowd-sourcing, directinteraction, embracing new media and measuring its success on thesocial platforms. Pepsi has had problems in marshalingthese strategies, especially direct interaction with the customersbecause of the cost of staffing. The strategies that I suggest forthe company are the initiation of a humanrights campaign and capturing a hashtag that is trending (Evans,2011, p.100). First, human rights campaigns attract much followingdue to the weight the matter has on bodies like the United Nations,and if Coca-Cola sets in to promote peace in countries like Syria,then they will attract more customers. A trending hashtag attractsmuch attention because most of the media shall be airing it. If thecompany posts a comment about it, then the media shall definitelylet the public know, and that is anindirect way of marketing the product (Evans, 2011, p.100).

In conclusion, Coca-Cola’s Diet Coke is the beverage chosen forthis discussion. The company utilizes Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr,Instagram among other platforms for marketing. Engaging the customersin the social media marketing is an art that Coca-Cola has perfected.Moreover, the company has defeated some of its competitors like Pepsiby channeling more finances in social media marketing and usingadvanced strategies such as crowd-sourcing. It has grown anddominated the beverages industry because of the advanced marketing.


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