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Sound Healing Modalities

SoundHealing Modalities


Outline:Soundhealing modalities

  1. Executive summary

Medicinealways form an integral part of our society. Ancient medicine more sois applied in the modern society with much success. They constitutethe basis for the development of the modern- day medicine. TheChinese culture receives fame for their practice in medicine.Traditional Chinese medicine is still getting appreciated in manyparts of the Asian continent and the world at large.

Soundhealing modalities have formed an integral part of the traditionalChinese culture. It is a system whereby sound and mostly music isused to bring a healing power. The soft touch and sooth of musicbrings about vibrations it is the vibrations that have an effect onthe body. Mostly this technique is effective in the minds of thepatients.

  1. Discussion

Whendiscussing traditional Chinese medicine, one cannot avoid but mentionsound healing techniques. It has proved to be a viable and importantpart of this culture, the percentage of people using this method notonly as a complementary medication plan but as their main plan ofaction has risen in the past years from 25% to35%. The percentageshows how much this culture is being appreciated all over the world.

  1. Resources

Inexplaining this topic, relevant data gets required. Data fromjournals books and websites become very important. Gathering ofinformation from sources such as doctors who give a clear and preciseinsight on the effects traditional Chinese methods have in medicalpractice today.

  1. Conclusion

Thestudy of ancient Chinese medical culture aids one in understandingthe relevance of sound healing modalities. Appreciation for thishealing modality gets created and a deeper understanding of how itworks.

  1. Individual Proposal

Thisstudy shows the ancient Chinese practices in the field of medicineand moreso sound healing technique is.

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Relevantsources that contain information on sound healing modalities

Soundhealing modalities

Soundhealing is a vibrational therapy that uses sound to create balanceand alignment in the physical body. It works on the principle thateverything in the universe is energy in vibration. TraditionalChinese medicine refers to a collection of plants and nutraceuticalsthat have been traditionally used to cure illness and hence betterlife in China and its surroundings. The proof of modern scienceconcerning sound and vibration got well known throughout the world byancient mystics and healers. Affirmations are that the most commontype of sound healing is the human voice, it soothes and is naturalhence it is effective. They knew that music and words createvibrational energy that can reach any place in the universe. The useof harmonics and sound in the healing process gets found in manycultures worldwide, the Chinese in particular are famed for their useof traditional healing methods and medicine. They utilize sound inmost of their healing modalities. This paper aims at clearlyexplaining how the Chinese people use traditional medicine and theirutilization of sound in healing modalities.

Thetraditional Chinese medicine system is based mainly on ancientbeliefs. They include, a harmony between two opposing yetcomplementary forces, the human body brings a miniaturerepresentation of the entire surrounding universe. Moreover, thevital energy that flows through the body fluids performs multiplefunctions in maintaining health and lastly the five elements ofnature symbolically represent all phenomena including stages of humanlife. It also explains the working of the body and how diseasesaffect the body. The Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and practiceare not based upon scientific knowledge, and its own practitioners donot always agree on the diagnosis and treatments should be used forany given patient.

Thefoundation of the traditional Chinese medicine dates back to over2500 years of medical practice that includes herbal medicine andmassage and dietary therapy. Chinese medicine gets widely used inChina and other Asian nations. The practice is also getting acceptedas more than just a second option or complimentary form of medicationin America, Europe and the rest of the world. Over the centuries, theChinese nation has perfected not just their traditional medicine butalso the art of sound healing. This technique amplifies the soundvibrations for body healing, rejuvenation, balancing andinterdimensional travel and manifestation.

Oneof the most common sound healing techniques is the six healing soundsalso known as six secret syllables or LiuZi Jue.It is a breathing technique that has gotten improved over the yearsin the Chinese culture. The traditional Chinese medicine model viewsthe human body and earth regarding five elements of creation. Theseitems include fire, earth, water, metal and wood. The mentionedelements correspond to the five principal organs: heart, liver,spleen and the kidney. Each of the organs is believed to associatewith the body according to the law of five elements and its cycles ofenergy flow. Apart from this comparison, the elements also have manyother corresponding aspects such as musical note and color.It isbecause Chinese music was composed of five notes, jiao, Zhi, gong,shang, and Yu. It is this soothing, romantic and rejuvenating soundsthat have touched the emotional chords in humans and formed thebackbone of the Chinese healing culture.

Manydifferent masters teach the six secret syllable technique. It leadsto variations in the degree of vocalization, pronunciation, and theorder of sounds. Many of them, however, follow the productive cycleof the five phases. Healing with musical is a vastly used form thatemploys the energy systems of Chinese medicine and vibrational energyconcepts. It is an example of how ancient beliefs and modern sciencehave merged to bring about a working healing system. Holographicsound healing technology– system of healing the body through thechakras with sound – is a new form of this ancient sound healingsystem that employs vibrational modalities. Pre-natal care,pregnancy, surgery recovery, depression and insomnia are examples ofwhen sound healing is highly effective.

Amost recent research tested the healing power of the classicalChinese five element music. The study was designed to evaluate andassess the effects of this healing method on nursing students whoreported depressed in the nation of Taiwan. Seventy-one students gotassigned to this system and others to a control system. Both sets ofstudents followed routine lifestyles. Based on the results of thepost and pre-therapy test scores, the research showed that there as asignificant reduction in stress levels of the music group compared tothe other group. Further research has shown that music affects braincirculation, brain waves, and stress hormones. Music therapy hasproved effective in lowering the physiological effect of stress. Itcan reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, strengthen the immunesystem and decrease breathing rate.

Inthe modern-day medicine system, this sound culture has also beenadopted. Thanks to the ancient Chinese, the patients who prefermodern medicine can now easily access sound therapy in hospitals.There is the introduction of the therapeutic sound table this tablehas powerful low-frequency speakers mounted at the bottom. The tableitself performs as a speaker sending low-frequency vibrations throughthe body cells of the patient. This ensures sound does not only gettransferred trough the ears but also through the body directly.Cells, muscle, tendons as well as parts of the brain, spinal cord andnerves are vibrated. A possibility of direct cellular stimulation anddeep whole body response gets created.

Asmuch as sound healing has been proven to be effective, just as otherfaces of Chinese medicine, it is not a method that is used to curespecific illness. They should be practiced over time and regularly topromote total health and well-being. One should settle into acomfortable position and let their mind relax. Allow your breath tocreate the sounds without effort. Because of this reason, the healingmethod gets mostly practiced alongside meditation.

Ourbodies contain tissues and organs of different densities, each ofthis has a resonant frequency just like a bridge or building. While,gentle vibrations can stimulate body systems in a healthful way,overly powerful waves can hurt our soft parts. It explains why softsounds and music get recommended for this type of healing process.This application shows how much the traditional Chinese medicine andsound healing methods has impacted heavily on our lives today. Thanksto the wisdom of old chines 2500 years ago that people can now beable to maintain their health at home.


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