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Speaker Notes


Creativity looks at the way an artist is able to combine variousunique ideas and create original paintings that are not copiedsomewhere else. In fact, it needs the artist to undergo a process ofdevelopment that will nurture the required skills and experience too.In this case, one needs to learn some of the basics to understand theprocess of placing ideas into the paper and sketching it to create aperfect drawing. From that point, one can identify the meaning ofvarious colors, and how to match them to make a better painting.Besides that, the frequent practice will help the painter in gettingused to the process of interpreting ideas and using them efficientlyto have proper designs. The approach also assists the artist’s mindto master the function of shaping the drawings and enhancing themefficiently. In the process, the artist will be able to understandhow to associate various problems and the solutions. One might alsogenerate the creative ideas by questioning certain approaches ofdoing things and discovering a unique perspective of solvingsomething. The behavior of observing other people also exposes theartist to other multiple concepts that they can use to generate aparticular way of thinking that they will use in being creative. Attimes, networking also exposes the painter to a wide range of ideasthat can be used to have different perspectives on a common issue.Lastly, the experimenting and the practice help one to identify howthey are supposed to undertake certain aspects. They might evenidentify their weaknesses and improve them to create better designs.More important, it also helps the artists to enhance their creativityand assist them in nurturing their skills in the long-run