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Special Education



Chapter 10: ‘Paraprofessionals.`

A Paraeducatoris an assistant employed by the school to help professional teachersin accomplishing tasks. For instance, listening is an importantcollaborative tool which teachers can use to ensure that theirrelationship with the Paraeducatoris enhanced. Even though they might lack professional skills liketeaching staff, it is justimportant to listen to them when they speak. The skills will makethem feel wanted since their opinions are noted as well. In thisline, the relationship between the tutors and the Paraeducatorscan be weird especially if the teachers do not use the right approachin the collaboration.

Lack of mutual is dangerous as well when itcomes to the relationship between the teachers and their aides. So asto better the relationship between the two, it is important for themto have a mutual goal. It means that the Paraprofessionalsshould work with the teachers. Thetutors are the ones who are supposed to incorporate their assistantsin their objectives.

Chapter 11: ‘Culture Diversity Resources’

There are several resources ideal forsupporting cultural diversity by the educator. These resources mightinclude attending cultural gatherings and traditional events,learning institutions organizing cultural weeks or days and settingup seminars to create awareness regarding cultural diversity.

Through events like these, the educators willmanage to learn about the different cultures and how to interact withpeople who are ofdifferent races. For example, a situation can happen where the parentcan be rude to the tutors.

If the teacher has gone through any of theprograms, they will manage to deal with this since they willunderstand that people are from different backgrounds. Finally,basing on the chapter,it is ideal to insist on the advocacy of cultural diversityresources.