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Speech outline




  1. Attention like any other state in United States, Chicago is unique to understand where it all began.

  2. Thesis statement: Chicago forms the genesis of many historical and lucrative ideas, resources, and cultures outstanding in nature. I take this moment to expose just a few of such, namely the Taste of Chicago, the origin of soap operas and the home of the first black President of America Barack Obama.

  1. Body

  1. First, I want to describe the Taste of Chicago.

  1. Review

  1. The nature of the Taste of Chicago

  2. Duration and timing of the festival and the location where it is hosted.

  3. Other non-food kind of events marking the Taste of Chicago

  4. Fall out of other festival events

  1. Transition: Eventually, the Taste of Chicago is a unique festival largely celebrated and has stood the test of time over the years though it has evolved (Fran, 2013).

  1. Chicago is the proud home of largely watched soap operas in the mainstream TV broadcasting.

  1. Review

  1. History and origin of soap operas

  2. The characters who initially made it happen

  3. The turning point of soap operas realizing all the popularity to date.

  1. Transition: Soap operas first began as an experimental program to capture audience but have since become household program watched across all television networks around the globe (Lili, 2014).

  1. Chicago as a state also brags as the home of the first ever-black President of America Barack Obama.

  1. Review

  1. Young life of Barack Obama

  2. The milestones, which led to Obama clinching the president seat as a black.

  3. Presidency of Obama

  1. Transition: Obama tracing his roots from the streets of Chicago beats all racist odds to become the first black president enriching the legacy of Chicago (David, 2012).

  1. Conclusion

  1. Summary: In summary, Chicago is a rich and overly unique state. This paper, therefore, serves to describe Taste of Chicago, the origin of soap operas and the home of the first black President of America Barack Obama.

  2. Final Appeal: Therefore, the state of Chicago will remain in the history of America and the rest of the world forever due to its untamed cultures and many lucrative events it hosts.

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