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Stakeholder Analysis




CaseStudy of Tesla Motors and the Global Automobile Industry

TeslaMotors is one of the modern companies that deal with automotiveengineering and energy storage. There are a wide range ofstakeholders that impact the performance of the company. Thesestakeholders can be reviewed by following the PEST analysis framework(Missonier &amp Loufrani-Fedida, 2014). The different factors thatimpact the performance of the company are mainly aligned topolitical, economic, social, and technological activities. Thepolitical dimension encompasses a wide range of elements, and ofrelevance to the case of Tesla are the laws and regulations thatrelate to the company. The company is expected to conform to the ISO,SAE, and IEC standards (Applegate, 2008). Another major politicalstakeholder is the U.S National Electric Vehicle Safety Standards.The customers can also suffice as essential stakeholders when itcomes to the rules and regulations, this is more so the case becausethey are directly in involved in the use of the released products.From an economic view, Tesla grapples with high interest rates,exchange rate risks, economic fluctuations, inflation, and incomelevels. Thus, the main stakeholders in accordance with the economicview include the banks and other financial service providers(Chowdhury, 2014).

Environmentalconcerns have risen in the recent years as more and more countriesendeavor to adopt the green energy solutions. Governments inpartnership with the private sectors have immensely adoptedstrategies that try to cut on emission of wastes or the use of nonrenewable energy. The media has also taken up the mandate to spreadthe message on environmental conservation. Thus, the mainstakeholders concerned with Tesla’s environmental perspectiveinclude the media, government, competitors, and the community atlarge. Societal factors transcend every community (Chowdhury, 2014).Tesla as one of big companies in the society, is striving to ensurethat it gives back to the community through its CSR plan (Missonier &ampLoufrani-Fedida, 2014). The societal framework mainly impacts themedia, religious groups, families, and other organizations linked toa particular society. Finally, just like any other business in themodern society, Tesla has adopted technology to facilitate itsactivities. Technology is an essential tool in enhancingcommunication and ensuring that there is reliability and efficiency(Wolfe, 2011). Technological companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple,and Amazon provide the essential services needed. Thus, they qualifyas essential stakeholders to Tesla Motors. Within the premise oftechnology, regulators and customers can also be termed as primarystakeholders.


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