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Statement of Purpose


Statementof Purpose


William Shakespeare once said that our doubts are traitors. They makeus lose the good we could win by failure to try. Probably, the futurebelongs to the very travelers who dare to pierce through the cloudsof oblivion with the force of their resolve (Shakespeare, 2010).

Mathematics, as a field, has always fascinated me right from myundergraduate college days. My penchant stems from the fact that Iview math as an art, unlike most people who see numbers and letters.I can vividly recall how I gained impetus for math and recollectedthe times when we were learning our multiplication table, and ourteacher would give us a timed test which we had to complete within acertain time limit to move on to the next number. I effortlessly acedthe timed multiplication tests with a single attempt. Today, I relishand marvel at the beauty of Euler’s identity: e + 1 =0, both in its straightforward and complex nature.

The highlight of my undergraduate was the time I appreciated thepotential of mathematics through exposure to various topics as wellas through my independent research work. I have developed an interestin dynamical systems and nonlinear differential equations, precisely,the fractals, ergodic theory, nonlinear differential equations, andchaos. They are debatably the most important real-world mathematicalapplications that exist to date.

I come from a poor Latino family, and I am a first generation collegestudent. My deceased father was the most influential person in mylife. Despite losing him at an early age of twelve, he made mebelieve that I could accomplish anything imaginable in life. Hismemoirs made me rethink my decision to drop out of high school thus,I rejoined the academic institution. Afterward, I graduated withhonors and a GPA of 3.75 from San Bernardino Valley College.Subsequently, I later transferred to the University of California,Riverside where I pursued my Bachelor of Science in appliedmathematics and managed to score an upper division with a GPA of 3.3.My passion has compelled me to take additional upper divisionmathematics classes such as complex variables for two-quarters,topology, ordinary and partial differential equations, advancedcalculus, set theory, linear algebra, probability, statistics andnumerical analysis. Besides, I later enrolled in mathematicalmodeling and game theory. Presently, I have served as a tutor forfour years, three of which, I have worked as a supplementalinstructor.

As a 26-year-old family man, I have made very tough decisions inbalancing academic and family time. I gave away the first chance topursue an REU for ten weeks in a different state for the sake of myyoung family and an infant son. During his infancy, I had achallenging experience since it is the most crucial time in a child’slife. I appreciate that the hard decisions have made me a strongerperson, and prepared me for the challenging resolutions I will haveto make in graduate school.

Currently, I am more than excited to begin my research in the fieldof dynamic systems and nonlinear differential equations despitehaving no experience. Each time I use creativity to solve a puzzle,my self confidence grows by leaps and bounds. I like mathematicsbecause the subject affords me the complexity and prestige of growingmy ingenuity. I remain confident that rigorous studies in thespecialized field are a challenging mission to attain. However, Ifirmly consider that what we persevere in doing becomes easier overtime not because the nature of the thing has reformed, but since ourability to accomplish it has augmented. I am definite about where todirect the force of my will, to warrant that my career does not liewithin the ruins of indecisiveness. My career goal is to obtain aPh.D. in an applied mathematics field and give back to my community.I would relish teaching in one of the local universities as well ascontribute to the addition of research in the mathematical field. Myprimary drive to specialize in the subject is influenced by my desireto discover what I do not know in the subject. Besides, I am lookingto be a role model in my son’s life and continue making education apriority.


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