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Strategic Plan Management

StrategicPlan Management

StrategicPlan Management

Strategicplanning is an institution’s process of describing its approach,direction, and appropriate decisions on resource allocation anddissemination. It may also entail management of the implementationprocess. It involves several steps that are defined to envision aprospected future. It also follows various goals and objectives. Assuch, the procedure is quite vital to the success of business. Apartfrom business perspectives, a strategic plan is essential in therunning of daily activities within an organization or agency. Thesteps ensure employees, and customers relate well, hence, heighteningproductivity. They are also a fundamental aspect in enlightening theconsumers about the existence of a particular organization includingthe products and services. The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is oneof the most efficient avenues representing close to 4000 members.However, the chamber faces challenges in awareness since key publicsare not conscious of the services offered. Therefore, this paper willdevelop a strategic plan to enlighten the community. It will entailthe goals, objectives, and main strategies used to solve theunawareness issue.


Theorganization’s popularity is considerably low. In other words, manypeople, especially the populace between the ages of 22 and 35 havelittle knowledge of the community. In the business perspective, thisage group is crucial to the success or rather the progression of theeconomy. They play an immense role at the corporate level, hence,must be incorporated in any events seeking to assist the publics.Even if the chambers know this aspect, it suffers from a lack ofawareness.

CincinnatiUSA Regional Chamber has been a successful organization in the recentpast. This has made it grow to almost 4000 business memberinvolvement. Throughout its various business strategy developments,advice to members and implementation of policies, Cincinnati has beena major player in the current competitive global economy. The chamberhas grown over the years and in the last decade managed to be theChamber of the year in two occasions. This has been a significantmilestone in its development and that of the partners. This shows howthe businesses spearheaded by Cincinnati are successful in theregional and the global markets.

However,a recent research gave worrying results. It showed that majority ofthose who know the activities of Cincinnati are the business elites.This, therefore, means the effect and power of Cincinnati in thefuture world markets and regional business is not certain. It isbecause the youth do not know much about Cincinnati and itsactivities. A poll showed that only 10% of the youth know or haveheard about Cincinnati. This is a worrying fact. Cincinnati needs todevelop a strategic plan to ensure that the youth get to know moreabout the activities and get more involved in them [ CITATION Cin16 l 1033 ].

CincinnatiChamber has done much to reach out to the youth. The executivedirector Mary Stagaman stressed that they have not only been thinkingabout the young adults but also have been reaching out on ways toreach and retain the young talent in the industry. Cincinnati haslaunched a youth related program to help drive out strategies toreach young talent and keep them in the network. The chamber haspartnered with various organizations to contact the youth. Theyproposed different ways to get and retain them includingConnect4cincy. This is a strategy whereby each person would connectfour members to four other individuals within the network in a spanof four months. Another strategy was to use Say Yes to Cincycampaign. This was to ask participants to say yes to working withCincinnati. All these are strategies that have been tried to enableCincinnati to get more youths to the platform [ CITATION Cin16 l 1033 ].

Inthe strategic plan development, the ideas will be focused majorly onhow to tackle youth awareness, acceptance and their involvement inthe activities of Cincinnati. These will involve precisely craftedthoughts, processes, actions and plans either written or approved bythe top management to be followed to publicize and market Cincinnatito the youth. The plan is to involve a systematic systematic processaiming at addressing the publicity and the involvement of the youth.

Thegoals and Objectives

Inthis on, the primary purpose is to raise awareness among the publics,particularly between the ages of 22 and 35. As such, there shall belong and short term goals to reach three key groups. These are youthsbetween the ages of 20-25, the elderly youth between the ages of25-35 and the public community at large. The top priority is to makethe youth know Cincinnati regional Business chamber. It would makethem identify the activities in the business world. The aim is alsoto raise their interests in partaking voluntary assignments, tasks,internships and even working with the chamber. For the elderly youthand the community as a whole, the strategic plan shall identify waysto make them appreciate the works of Cincinnati and also be involvedwith the local business giant.


Forthe youths, this is the age group between 20 and 25, mostly oncampus, it is important to publicize the chamber for them toappreciate early enough their activities. The most resourceful groupof people is these youths. This is because they are untapped andstill finding feet towards a future career life. The plans are to berolled out in two formats: long and short term strategic plans. Inorder to successfully reach the young generation, it is important tobuild an interesting relationship and partnership with the group. TheChambers should reach out to the career development offices of theuniversity and offer seminars and workshops in partnership with theuniversity administration to teach the students on the activities ofthe chamber. These projects should involve lectures and talks. Thechamber together with the universities should roll out partnershipspurring both short and long term goals for the mutual benefit of thedevelopment of student career life as well as the publicity of thechamber.

Inthe long term strategy, the chamber board should look for ways tofund scholarships and internship programs for the interested studentsfor them to develop their careers in mind. The internship should bemade a competitive package to bring out competition from the studentsto get the chance of working with the chamber. The chamber shouldalso create avenues with the partnering companies to publicize theworks of the chamber to their clients to reach more youths. Mostnotably, the chamber should use digital tools like the social mediato sell out for business, identity, and partnership with the youth.This would make it reach a wider audience, especially with thestudent fraternity.

Forthe young adults otherwise called the mid youth, Cincinnati shouldconsider this group as a vital one. These are the recently graduatedteam who are finding their feet in the career and business world.Though they have little experience and would offer a less activeworking force for the Chamber and its partners, this group could beused for a different but important purpose. In the short-term plans,the proposal is that the chamber offers training and post internshipprograms to this group. This will be done with the intention ofwidening their knowledge on the working of the chamber. As they arereleased after their internship, they will have gained firsthandexperience on the happenings of the chamber that would later beimportant as they join other companies for their careers. This isbecause they carry a background of what the Chamber could help bettertheir companies.

Inthe longer agenda, those who exemplarily show sharpness and interestsin the business development, application retention and implementationof services in the chamber should be absorbed for longer renewedinternships that would later lead to employment if the opportunityarises. This will be important to help the transition between thestudent lives to the career life. No young and focused adult wouldlet the opportunity to be exposed to the fast changing global marketat such an early age pass them.

Publicityis the most important strategy for the whole community. For thecommunity as a whole, this involves the youth, kids, and adults whomight not have been exposed to the happenings of the chamber. Thisgroup forms the consumer base for each and every partner company tothe Cincinnati chamber. It would be important to spearheadadvertisements with the various media platforms to enable theinformation to reach a wider group of people. Other than publicitytheir involvement is necessary. The former plans like say yes toCincy and Connect4Cincy are better strategies to be implemented tothe larger community.

Toensure many people identify with this program, social media presencewill be enhanced. In the current globe, many people are utilizingsocial media to conduct their daily activities. For example, asportrayed by research, roughly 1.19 billion users are active onFacebook on a monthly basis. Furthermore, every day, a considerableamount of people continue to join. Current research also shows thatthe number of users spending their time on Facebook has grownsubstantially over the years. Other platforms such as Twitter attractmany audiences for varying reasons. Some utilize them for socializingor marketing. In that regard, the best approach is to enhance thesocial media platforms. Creating a strong web page that entices thepublic could also be suitable. In this case, the chamber’s webutilization is slightly lower than expected. For instance, the numberof people viewing the website is quite small, hence, the reason the22-to 35-year olds are not aware of it. This age group is consideredthe most active in social media, especially for marketing reasons.Therefore, optimizing the web can entice the community intoappreciating the services provided.

Referralprograms can also be utilized to entice the publics. In thiscriterion, people will be drawn to the chamber services if they arepromised additional incentives. Word would spread quickly wheneverthey realize the advantages offered within the chambers. As a result,they spread the word to others who are not aware of the same. Ingeneral, the chamber will strive to enlighten all the esteemedcustomers in need of business retention and attraction, solution toworkforce challenges, government advocacy, and program as well asevents to provide a suitable business climate.


Evidently,impacting on the target group will need cooperation from all thepublics. In that regard, the best technique is to utilize the mostactive group i.e. the young adults. The chamber’s services will bepublicized in learning institutions among potential entrepreneurs.The students and teachers will assist in educating the publics,particularly parents, guardians, and the family as a whole. Theyouths are also quite active in social media among other advertisingchannels. For instance, users of Facebook have encompassed Cellphones as the medium. By the year 2013, about 74 percent of Facebookusers utilized mobile devices to access the platform. This was asignificant rise, and with the ever increasing advertising avenues,it is bound to grow even more. Mobile advertising has diversified themeans by which advertisers control their adverts or rather brands.Therefore, the Cincinnati Chamber will have to adopt the socialplatforms to reach the prospected target. To achieve that, the mostsuitable tactic is to involve youths at heightened levels.

Anothermechanism is to indulge in charity works and conservation programs.Apart from taking part in the same, the Cincinnati chamber canorganize agendas like tree planting exercises and other preservationprograms that seek to attract a large congregation. Such moves enticethe entire community where people are willing to assist inconservation activities. During the event, Cincinnati chambers willadvertise their services and encourage the populace to seek them. Theevent will obviously present a wider audience to sell the agendas.

Anothertactic entails motivating the employees through additional incentivesor considering them partners to the program. In other words, apartfrom employees being compensated for their tasks, other incentivesthat rewards employees with loyal customers ought to be adopted.Therefore, workers would be encouraged to advertise the services tomany customers across the regions. Recognizing partners is anotherelement that boosts employee morale. It is also a way of makingpartners feel they are valued and appreciated.

Theformal recognition method entails acknowledgment of profound effectsof particular workers on the organization, as well as, commendationfor tasks well done. Whenever the workforce pushes each other interms of performance the company benefits accordingly due to improvedproductivity levels. Informal motivational programs may involvecelebrating special occasions of the partners like birthdays,anniversaries among other professional or personal milestones. Theseacts tend to strengthen bonds thereby creating a better workingenvironment. As a result, they would strive to advertise the servicesbeing offered to the target group.


Theprocess will be implemented step by step to ensure the target groupis well addressed. Publicizing through social media will startimminently and target 70 companies in two weeks. In that respect, theanticipated target is roughly 840 companies within six months. In thesame time, the number of youths and adults aware of the same shouldreach 50% per region. During the same period, the number of employeesand students undertaking internship programs should reach 200 i.e.inclusive of professionals. Within six months, Cincinnati chambersshould have conducted more than ten conservational and educationalpromotions that include the entire populace. The programs would bedivided into regions to reach a substantial range of people.


Conductingthe promotional activities will require a substantial amount ofmoney. However, the funds can be drawn from the populace as theywould be required to buy T-Shirts and caps among other promotionalitems. As such, a sum of $1000 will serve the promotional campaigns.Publicity within the learning institutions will require roughly $300.The social media advertising and educating the target group on thesame would cost approximately $200.


Theassessment criterion is also vital since it gauges the progress. Theinternet platforms will provide substantial evidence if thestrategies are successful. For instance, since the approach focuseson enticing youths, their response in social media can be used togauge the success of the plan. Online questionnaires will be providedwith the intention of getting a response from the targeted group. Ifthe web-based technologies are successful, the number of views orreactions will be many. Assessment can also be determined viaobservation. Evidently, if the strategies are successful, more peoplewill be drawn to the program. Therefore, the number of memberbusinesses will rise from the current 4000. The rise may beprogressive hence evaluation can be done on a weekly basis. Focusgroups and interviews can also be utilized to substantiate the extentof improvements.

Inconclusion, the success of the plan will be dependent on theeffective application of the above strategies. Since the chambers isnot popular among the youths, social media is the most proficientmechanism of attracting the group. As such, the aim will be enticethe populace at their most popular platforms. The plan will beimplemented step by step to ensure that the prospected outcomes areachieved i.e. awareness.


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