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Stress Management



Stress management involves an individual taking charge of the way heor she solves problems, emotions, thoughts, as well as his or herlifestyle. Various techniques like yoga bring peace and happiness inpeople’s lives (Hiriyappa, 2013). This paper explains stressmanagement techniques and various experiences during my learning ofthis course.

Stressand Health Takeaways

There are two stress and health takeaways that were not well known tome. One, it is important to accept each situation as it is, becausesome stressors like a national recession, a death of a loved one, ora serious illness are unavoidable and unchangeable. Two, the best wayout of a stressful situation is to focus on things that an individualcan control and avoid controlling the uncontrollable things, andperceive each major challenge as a positive opportunity for personaldevelopment. According to Hiriyappa (2013), anxiety, pressure, anger,and desire lead to accumulation of stress.

Wordsof Wisdom

This is the best course I would recommend to a peer. I would tell apeer that this course is beneficial in the sense that it involvessolving real life challenges that people face at a particular pointin time.

NoteTaking vs. Typing

I agree that note taking is far much better than typing because itinvolves a person listening and taking notes that are significant,unlike typing where an individual writes word for word for everythingsaid. It is easier to recall what is crucial than remember everythingput down through typing.

Engagementin Learning this Course

When learning this course, collaboration with other peers in thediscussion of some relevant course topics turned out to be beneficialbecause I was able to learn from other peoples’ experiences andskills.

Everything worked out well for me, only that I would suggest that theinstructor should use different speeds when delivering information tothe students. Such an action would improve the concentration of allstudents, in particular for students whose first language is notEnglish.


I use NursingCentral and Mini nurse apps to study nursing.

Responseto Peers

I like the way you provided detailed information about yoga, deepbreathing, assertive communication, cognitive behavioral thinking,money management, and progressive relaxation techniques. Addressingdetails like these would provide nurse staffs and patients with abetter understanding of stress management for improvement of theirhealth.

RelaxationTechnique Video

The following is a video of a relaxation technique that would relieveany person’s stress in ten minuteshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhqU531xSN0.


Hiriyappa, B.(2013). : Leading To Success. Bloomington:Book tango.