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Pastoralcare is an ancient way of supporting people emotionally andspiritually which is present in many cultures and traditions. Itinvolves being sympathetic to individuals when they are passingthrough pains and giving them hope of triumph.

Inthe society I did pastoral care, educationally, most people do notattend school due to high poverty levels. Majority of the populationgoes as far as the primary level, and we have a few in colleges.Those who complete the University do it at a very late age and areidolized by the society because to them, being a University graduateis quite an achievement. Religiously, some of the people believe inGod while others don’t. Due to the hardships they accouter, theyget distant with God because they fail to understand Jesus love tothem. They believe that God should take care of all their issues eventhough they do not work on them. They are well aware of how Jesusperformed miracles especially they emphasize the Cana of Galileemiracle where Jesus miraculously turned water into wine and also inExodus where God provided manna for the Israelites. They expect Godto change their lives and provide for them in the same way he did theIsraelites even though they don’t pray. The bishops urge people toattend church on Sundays, to be members of a church, take the HolyCommunion and be involved in the matters of the church. There is anactive church for those who are born again, and most of the churchmembers are the rich in the society. Social economically, there is anunequal distribution of wealth between the rich and the poor. Therich have a lot of wealth while the poor have minimal that barelysustains them. Most of the people are nine employed by the governmentdue to poor education system. Some work under wages for the richpeople of which they are not well paid.

Dueto the high poverty level, people of this community do not wantrelationship commitment and marriage. Those who are already marriedare divorcing, and the children are left to suffer as a result oflack of parental love. They claim that being in a family is very hardsince they cannot afford the basic needs. The community understandsthat to manage a family, one need finances of which they barelyafford to sustain one person so keeping the whole family isdifficult. This is the reason why they choose to terminaterelationships. There is a lot of immorality due to lack of boundrelationships.

Myrole in this community is to instill faith and hope, guide andcounsel people on various types of relationships and give themreasons why termination of relationships in not a solution to theirproblems. I am responsible for providing pastoral care without anydiscrimination of any individual no matter the condition in whichthey are and respect their rights and practice confidentiality in theissues that individuals disclose to me. The major goal is to ensurethat the community grows spiritually and also educate the peopleabout poverty what poverty is, ways of eradicating poverty and makethem realize that to deal with poverty, work is very essential. Also,teaching them the word of God as I focus on the teachings of Jesusabout relationships, marriage and family, ways of building theirfaith in God and the importance of church. My pastoral identity tothe community is a senior pastor who leads the pastoral care group.

Everyperson creation is per the image of God and should accept that nomatter the hardship they pass through, they deserve to be loved andhave healthy relationships with God. The quality of a relationship isdetermined by our individual wellbeing and the way in which we havefaith in them (Jackson, 2006). We need to love ourselves first for usto able to establish quality relations with our partners. Accordingto Archbishop Desmond Tutu, people are people only through otherpeople. The pastors need families and the congregation for them topreach thus people should come to church. An individual cannot be aminister with no ability to work on themselves in their personalfamily system (Ronald, 1996).In Genesis 1, after creating all theother things, God created man and gave him the rest of the creationto him, but he saw that man was lonely even after having all thosethings. He created a companion for Adam who was Eve. God says that aman and woman shall leave his father and mother and be united as oneto form a family of their own. Different types of love relationshipsexist just as there are various hearts (Parrot, 2015).Referring toJesus teachings in the Bible, God does not want married people todivorce except in instances of infidelity. He says that what Godjoins in holy matrimony, no man should separate. Mathew 19:6, we seeJesus quoting Genesis writing about a husband and woman joining tobecome one flesh. The will of God is that married goes for a lifetime once initiated. No matter what difficulties persons go throughin relationship and marriage, they should not give. Praying in anessential ingredient in asking God to provide the necessities andrestore broken relations. The power of God is required in revivingdamaged associations with our family. He understands when we passthrough hard times in our homes and he gives us the strength tohandle the problems appropriately when we allow him in our lives. IfGod can provide to the birds of the air, we as his people are noexception. The glory of God should be present in our relationshipsfor everything to work

Wanjalita,a mother of two children, is sad and depressed because her kids havenot eaten for the whole. The husband says that he has no moneybecause he has not been paid for a week now. Wanjalita tells him toask his boss some salary advance which he tries to no avail. Themother struggles to the extent of being a beggar just to see to itthat her children have something to eat. The husband hates anddespises himself because he feels as if he is of no help to thefamily. The worst happens when one of the kids gets sick, and sherequires medical attention, but none of them can afford the bills. Awell-wisher pays the girl’s bills. The mother is in frustrationsbecause she feels as though she is married she carries all theburden of the family. The husband has been trying all he could butnothing works out for him. He is thinking of divorcing his wife.

Iwould use basic listening sequence whereby I would search forstrengths of the situation listening and give solutions (Emma, 2006).I would make the client see the positive side of the situation andhow it can be repaired. In my theology, I have been giving theprayer, appreciation of oneself and recognizing the image of God inan individual as the solution of divorce due to poverty.

Pastoralcare is crucial in helping persons who are going through a crisis. Ithelps give hope to people during hard times for example when peoplehave experienced traumatic situations in the past and have becomehopeless, when someone wants to commit suicide and during epidemics.


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