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Summary of Guest Speaker

of Guest Speaker

Thefirst guest speaker, Francis A. Gonzalez, gave very important lifelessons during the talk. According to her, saving is an important artthat every individual need to learn. In addition, one should ignore apay increase by acting like you have not received the increase sinceyou were surviving without it. She encouraged about 30 to 50 percentsaving for the future. This is because, time is coming when one willhave attained the retirement age, which means not working anymore.She also insisted on having partners and not just partners, butpartners who like you. According to her, this kind of a partner isgood for he or she always tells you the truth about things. She alsotold us to never say never, always do our best, be optimistic withall that we do, and not be afraid of challenges because they help usgrow.

Thethird speaker talked of work experience. He told us never to beafraid of tasks, insisting that we should always do the best and askfor more, in what he termed as sweeping the floor. According to him,if you are unhappy in the place you are, the best thing is to moveout, as it is essential for a person to enjoy what he or she isdoing. He also insisted on the need to have mentors who respect usand can learn from.

Ms.Rebecca, who was the last speaker, advised us never to play a game byits rules. Instead, we should learn how to shape the rules by settingour own conditions. Additionally, we should learn to work with theavailable resources. According to Rebecca, we should be risk takersby refusing to take NO as NO, but as a next opportunity. We shouldnot ask Why We are the one being assigned a certain task but ask WhyNot Us. In doing this, we will see our communities and officesdevelop.