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The speaker analyzes the concept of rhythm analysis using an exampleof the communal bra shops in Tehran, Iran. More specifically, thespeaker focuses on the eurhythmia ideology that describes how morethan two rhythms will interact within a given space and amongcreatures that are healthy too. In this case, she insists that thecommunal bra shops make the women undress in front of each other. Theexperience nurtures the visual and sensory contacts since the publicnudity might seem strange given that the laws in Iran urge women toover their bodies in spaces with mixed genders. However, the mostimportant reveal how the rhythms interact in a constructive way evenwithout interfering with each other. For instance, the scenario hasvarious rhythms such as the women moving into the store, waiting forthe attendant to determine their breast and perfect bras that willfit them.


The topic is quite enlightening, and it reveals how the rhythmsinteract in a eurhythmia approach. The experience in the communal brashops gives a perfect picture of the way that rhythms work. In fact,it gives the women a chance to observe different stages of life andanticipate the body shape that they will have in a certain age sincethe women in the shops have different ages. Apart from that, theasexual eroticism also helps the women to appreciate their bodiestoo. However, some might even start doubting their body images andquestion whether they are desirable or not. Despite all the visualand sensory contact in the communal bra shops, the women oftenrespect their spaces, and they will not touch each other as well.


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