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Sundar Pichai





SundarPichai is the current Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc.Formerly, Sundar was the Product Chief at the same company before hewas promoted to his current position on 10th August the year 2015after Google Inc. reorganized its management structure (Luckerson,2015). In light of this task, the essay will primarily focus onillustrating the power base used by , his influencetactics, leadership style as well as the outcome potential of thesituation. Also, the paper will provide an explanation of what Icould have done differently if I was to be appointed in the sameleadership position before concluding with a leadership philosophystatement as an appendix.

1.Power bases used by the leader

Hispower base is attributed to various. Firstly, is devoted to hiscoworkers` achievements (Luckerson, 2015). He is able to interact andresonate well with other people. Also, he has a strong desire to seeothers succeed. Further, Huet (2015), argues that is anemotionally volatile leader. In this case, the CEO is matureemotionally, stable, agreeable and conscientious. In additionally,the manager also uses his strong convincing ability to gain supportfrom the company’s management, clients, and relevant stakeholders.For instance, he persuaded Sergey Brin and Larry Pege, theco-founders of Google that the corporation needs to have its browser.As a result, Chrome was developed, and it is the most popular browsertoday (Huet, 2015).

2.Influence tactics used by the leader

Moreover, highly values relationships. His personal, speaking andconversational style always creates an emotional attachment to thepeople that he interacts with. He focuses more on human connectionrather than the charisma of personality. His ability to attracttalent by valuing people has significantly improved his influentialtactics (Saikat 2016). Besides, the CEO aspires to be atransformational leader, an individual who wants to change the worldradically. He is interested in steering Google Inc. towards achievingits set goals and objectives. He seeks to avail Google’s productsto people from different parts across the globe.

3.’s leadership style

Accordingto Saikat (2016), Pichai’s leadership style is supportive,empathetic, self-deprecating as well as graceful at navigatingpolitical minefields. He emphasizes on rather than confrontation. Heis also a great deal maker. That governance style was demonstratedwhen he was successful in making a deal that helped Googlepre-install its products to computers. As a result, Google was ableto expand its customer base. It got a large slice of clients fromcompanies such as Bing subsequently increasing its profitability.Sundar focuses on meeting the needs of the customers and thecompany’s partners rather than taking advantage. It is alsoimportant to note that the CEO is easy and calm at his leadershiprole depicting his understated and fearless personality. Moreover,Sundar is a strong communicator. He uses his skills to ensure thateveryone understands his mission hence making him be an excellentchoice for Google Corporation.

4.Outcome (Potential outcome of the situation)

TheCEO’s leadership style, power bases and influence tasks have playeda substantial role in ensuring that Google continues to dominate thetechnology industry. With his varied experience in the technologyindustry, the CEO has been successful in running Google’s internetproducts (Business Insider Australia, 2016).Equally important, theleader has focused more on new markets compared to other Googleexecutives. That has enabled the company to improve its accessibilityin different parts across the globe, widen its client base andincrease its revenue.

Inconclusion, ’s leadership supports values of consciouscapitalism and has displayed high levels of ethics in his leadershiprole. Also, he has been effective in managing Google Inc. That isbecause the leader has a compelling sense of purpose that is aimed atachieving the company’s goals. Additionally, he has created valuefor the organization’s stakeholders. He has also embraced consciousleadership by adopting a holistic worldwide view in running thecompany. Lastly, the CEO has adopted a conscious culture byrecognizing the objective of the company and as well as theinterdependent relationship between its stakeholders (BusinessInsider Australia, 2016).

IfI were to be appointed to the same leadership role, firstly, I wouldseek to improve customer service satisfaction by providing morepersonalized and unique products. Also, I will ensure that thedecision-making is an extensive process which includes all thestakeholders. More importantly, I will increase budget allocationtowards research for new products as well as venturing into untappedmarkets. Conscious leadership will influence my personality, loyalty,and consistency in motivating my colleagues and team members.Stakeholder orientation will help me realize the goal of the companyand therefore work towards meeting the needs of the shareholders,management, customers, and employees. Also, the conscious culturewill guide my actions and performance in managing the company.Lastly, the higher purpose will be essential in building myleadership skills. Here, I will be able to prioritize tasks henceensuring that the operations are run efficiently.


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SundarPichai’s style of leadership, his qualities, and approaches inexecuting his role as the Chief Executive Officer is a great sourceof motivation for my philosophy statement and career in general.

Fromhis leadership, it is evident that committing myself towards ensuringthat my coworkers perform well is a significant value that will havea considerable positive impact in my life. In this case, I will be ina much better position to understand their concerns, views, and ideaswhich will be helpful in building my leadership skills. It is aquality that enhances teamwork and coordination amongst employees ina company, organization or any business set up. Equally, it improveshuman connection and promotes mutual understanding and helps one getalong well with other people.

Besides,being goal oriented is also another quality that is essential for oneto be an effective leader. It enables one to understand the visionand mission of the company hence adopt policies or strategies thatare consistent with the set goals. Apart from that, one needs to havestrong personal, speaking and conversational styles so that they canbe able to express themselves well and create an emotional attachmentwith their audience. All these values have been built from myinteractions with various entrepreneurs and world leaders. Therefore,I hope that I will embrace those values to develop my career and alsoinfluence my colleagues in a positive way so that we can work towardsachieving our set objectives.

Summingup, productive leadership style and tactics one needs to prioritizeand maximize the value of the shareholders, be conscious of theirloyalty and role in inspiring their teams to know the purpose of theorganization. Equally, the leaders should understand how the teammembers act and perform so that they can move in one directionsubsequently attaining success.