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Sustaining Business Innovation 1Q1

SustainingBusiness Innovation


Businessesoperate in a highly dynamic environment that has changing needs andrequirements. Innovative enterprises have a way of adjusting to thechanges. For example, Uber is one of the companies that adjust tovarious markets. The company conducted a survey on the use of mobilephones and developed an application that allows consumers to accessits services using their gadgets. Consequently, its clientele baseincreased from 31% in 2011 to 63.5% in 2012 (Jeon, Park &amp Kim,2014). The strategy also comes in when the use of the smartphones ison the rise. Innovation, therefore, can be sustained by embracing thechanges observed among the consumers and developing new approachesthat take advantage of the adjustments.

Moreimportantly, using the changes to gain a competitive edge byintegrating them into the operations is instrumental for a sustainedinnovation. Uber leveraged the available data and related newinformation that came out as a unique innovation that is applicablein all the niches (Liss, 2015). Innovation also involves the creationand implementation of new ideas both in theory and practice (Kutac,Janovska, Samolejova &amp Besta 2014, p.283). A continued monitoringof the interest of the public and adjusting to them can primarilysustain innovation in organizations.

Servantleadership has an instrumental place in innovation. According toFinley (2012), servant leaders take the interest of their followersand this would enhance their role sin innovation. Developing newstrategies involves accommodating changes and understanding theirimportance in a given society. A business under the guidance of aservant leader prioritizes the needs of the consumers and instead offorcing them to adjust to their operations, the enterprise devises amechanism to accommodate the consumption trends.

Inconclusion, businesses devise ways of sustaining their innovationthrough embracing the changes observed among the consumers.Exploiting technology give companies a competitive edge especially ifit is integrated into people’s daily lives. Servant leadershipenhances a sustained innovation since it is accommodating to people’sinterests. In the current market, it is necessary for businesses tobe innovative to keep up with the stiff competition and scramble formarkets.


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