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System Application Products

SystemApplication Products

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Thehuman resource information system can be regarded as a communicationtool combined with SAP HR that allows an individual to make requestsfor reports from inside Structural Graphics which include a graphicalrepresentation of one’s organization encompassing all departments,positions, and employees. One can derive reports of variouscomponents for instance payroll, time management and benefits. Theycan run such reports and data from one screen without having toswitch to several other applications for all the information thatthey require (Buzkan, 2016).

Allorganizations need the new Hr system that enables them to produceaccurate, user-friendly and on time reports. These reports can beconverted into statistics, changes can be made on them when requiredand later saved for future reference. The managers of anorganization are the best people to introduce such programs within anorganization. Every human resource executive may wish to enjoy allthe benefits that go along with the human resource informationsystem. Information regarding the employees in our report that isuser-friendly (Mei, 2013). Key areas in an organization thatrequires the installation of the new SAP HR system are to the Humanresource managers and payroll. The hr and payroll managers areexpected to produce a wide-range of reports on a weekly, monthly andad-hoc basis. The out to date systems have extremely poor reportingfunctionality. SAP has proven to be an efficient software since itallows the analysis of multidimensional data.

Thesystem application products begun in 1972 by five former IBMemployees in Mannheim, Germany, It is regarded as one of the world’slargest inter-enterprise software company. The first SAP’s ideaswere to offer their customer the ability to interact with a commoncorporate database for a combined and comprehensive range ofapplications (Yousef Obeidat, 2012). The applications have beenintegrated, and today many corporations including Microsoft and IBMuse SAP products to run their businesses.

TheSap applications developed their latest R/3 system. It provides theability to manage cost accounting, assets, plants, archiveddocuments, operations and materials, personnel and finances. The R/3is run on a couple of platforms. The platforms include Windows 200.It also uses the client/server model. The most recent version of R/3includes an internet-enabled package (Yousef Obeidat, 2012).

SAPhas continued to develop and recasts its product under a complete Webinterface namely my SAP.com. They have also included new e-businessapplications that involve supply chain management (SCM) and customerrelationship management (CRM). Recently SAP has been turning itsattention to small and mediums sized enterprises (Mei, 2013).

SAPhas successfully been able to sell its wares to the world’s largestcorporations. It believes there is a virgin market that needs to betapped. This market is the small and midsized business to ensure thecontinuity of its growth. The worth of small business software marketcan be estimated to be $10 billion per year worldwide. However, SAPwill not treat such enterprises same way it would treat theircompetitors such as Microsoft and IBM (Mei, 2013).

TheOracle E-business Suite Financials of applications automates andstreamlines all financial business processes. The importance of thisapplication is that it enables a business vendor to make informeddecisions, reduce costs and improve operations. It produces a unifiedmodel data that gives one a single view that is accurate and one cansee all their financial information. Information regarding onescustomers are also integrated. Oracle financials who spearhead theOracle technology helps one to achieve high performance in theirindustry and scalability. Oracle financials can be regarded as one ofthe SAP’s competitors. It’s mainly focuses to integrate withother E-business Suite applications such as Oracle supply chainmanagement and Oracle marketing to help it implement a couple ofapplication families so as to ensure it provides high-qualitybusiness information (Buzkan, 2016).

Cobrasolutions are another competitor of SAP. They created the Employerdatabase manager (EDM) to encourage human resource managers to secureemployee information safely. The database according to CobraSolutions will retain all employee information including emails whichare documented in a digital filing cabinet (Buzkan, 2016). Thereforean employer will always be having information about their employeesso long as they are working with them within the organization.


TheHR function to a great extent remains to be administrative and hasbecome common to most organizations. There is, therefore, a need toformalize the selection, evaluation, and payroll processes and adoptan effective and efficient way of managing the human capital pool. Toeliminate all the tedious manual processes previously associated withthe human resource, adoption of human resource information systemwithin an organization will help provide human resource executiveswith a broad range of functions that will help them perform regularreporting (Mei, 2013). All the components of human resourcemanagement can be accessed by the use of the SAP Easy Access menu. It has helped define and execute the accessibility of information.Human resource managers can improve their efficacy withinorganizations by use of SAP.


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