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Target Corporation and Ralph Lauren company stock summary


TargetCorporation and Ralph Lauren company stock summary

Returnon Equity:

OnSeptember 30, 2016, Ralph Lauren Corporation had a Return on equityof 5.26%, this is lower than the industry average of 16.7% (Yahoo!Finance industry center). Ralph Lauren Corporation return on equityranked 58% in the industry. It only means that Ralph is doing well inthe apparel industry.

-Debtto Equity Ratio:

RalphLauren debt to equity ratio for September 30, 2016, was 0.1923. Theindustry ratio is 1.0. Therefore, the ratio is below the industryaverage. It is an indication that the company is struggling to payits debts. It is using a lot of the money it earns to pay its debt.Therefore, it means that the firm has less capital left to invest inthe business.

-Price Earnings Ratio

RalphLauren price earnings ratio for December 2, 2016, is 45.91. Theindustry average is 24. It means that the Price Earnings Ratio ishigher than the industry average. This ratio indicates that thecompany is not doing so well compared to the industry average.


RalphLaure Corporation is a promising company for the investors. It hasthe ability to use its available capital to increase the profits.However, investors should take caution before investing to avoidlosing their money.