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Team empowerment



The effectiveness of a leader has a huge influence on the success orfailure of a team. A leader is an individual who can inspire anddirect other members of the group towards the attainment of set goalsand objectives. Although several factors can contribute to teamfailure, the inability of a leader to empower his subordinate is acritical issue (Wheelan, 2014). This paper looks at some of thecharacteristics of ineffective leaders.

Leaders are unable to empower members of their working groups if theyhave poor conflict resolution skills. These are leaders who havedifficulties in discussing hard topics and tend to avoid conflicts bygiving away power. Consequently, the members of the team are likelyto be frustrated resulting in a polarized team (Wheelan, 2014).

An ineffective leader promotes unhealthy competition among his or hersubordinates. This is an impediment to individual and groupempowerment. The use of subterfuge and unconventional methods ofdealing with issues affecting the team results in poor interpersonalrelationships. Consequently, people start focusing on theirindividual goals rather that the corrective goals, resulting infailure (Wheelan, 2014).

One of the most important qualities of a leader is his or her abilityto accommodate the views and inputs of other people in thedecision-making process. This is critical to the functioning of theteam because everyone owns the vision and mission. However,ineffective leaders focus exclusively on their ideas. This creates a‘one man’s show.` Additionally, bad leaders tend to take creditfor all the achievement of the group. The resultant bias negativelyaffects relationships within the team (Wheelan, 2014).

Other factors that limit the ability of leaders to empower teammembers resulting in failure includes poor communication skills,group factors, mistrust and leadership style adopted (Wheelan, 2014).

In conclusion, there are several things that can result intoleadership failure. Among them, the most important is the inabilityto empower the members of the team.


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