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OnNovember 27th,2016, The New York Times published an article titled “Israel Kills4 ISIS-Linked Attackers in Golan Heights” which was compiled byIsabel Kershner. According to the article, four militants with linksto the Islamic State were killed by Israeli forces in the GolanHeights. According to Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, the militaryspokesperson, the incident was distinctive in nature, given that theattackers used a vehicle equipped with machine guns and also employedmortars in the assault. The Israeli Prime Minister noted that hiscountry would not let terror elements to establish adjacent to theirborders (Kershner, 2016). Even though Israel has tried to keep offthe conflict in Syria, it has always been determined to prevent thetransfer of lethal weapons to Hezbollah which it considers aterrorist group. Additionally, Israel has also provided aid to moremoderate rebels across the border. According to the spokesman,Israel’s military activity in the region is meant to protect itssovereignty. The main aim is to prevent terror elements fromaccessing Jerusalem which has been threatened by the Islamic State.

Inthe incident, the terrorists were killed following an Israeliairstrike that hit their vehicle. According to Nitzan Nuriel who onceheaded the counterterrorism bureau in Israel, noted that his countryhas always acted on intelligence since 2006 after the Second LebanonWar. He further pointed out that apart from the efforts of theJihadists in fighting the Assad government and their Hezbollahallies, the last mistake they would make is to engage Israel on a newfront. However, officials in Israel have always been on high alertpending attacks from IS-affiliated groups. The incident could notjustify whether Islamic State-affiliated groups had changed theirtactics as noted by the retired military intelligence chief AmosYadlin. He further noted that in the case of any change, it couldhave been fueled by propaganda or sympathetic elements within theArab world (Kershner, 2016).

Thereis no doubt that terrorism has had a significant impact on globaleconomy and the life of citizens. It has caused psychological trauma,deaths, and injuries. Terrorist attacks result in infrastructuraldamage and destruction of buildings hence this takes an enormous tollon the economy of the stricken country as it would incurreconstruction costs. Furthermore, the financial markets aredestabilized. The expenditure on security is significantly increased.Israel has faced enormous security problems since the end of its warof independence. Hostile Arab frontiers further surround it henceits geographical location has further elevated the vulnerability ofthe country to attacks and incursions. On a more related note, Israelhas also preferred to embrace dialogue in addressing some of theissues that concern security. It has engaged in negotiations with thePalestinians to ensure sustainable security arrangements. It has alsofocused on normalizing relations with pragmatic states in the ArabianPeninsula.

Thesense of security in Israel has been undermined by terror as it hascontributed to detrimental effects on the delicate relationshipbetween the Jews and Arabs. The sovereignty of Israel has beenthreatened by many terror groups such as Hamas and the latestentrant, the Islamic State and affiliates. Israel has conductedmilitary operations in the Gaza strip with the main aim of defeatingHamas but to no success. Furthermore, military strength has been usedin the West Bank to fight terror, but the elements of terror havealways reappeared. This clearly indicates that terror cannot bedefeated by the sole use of military action. Regional collaborationis vital if terror elements are to be overwhelmed. The terror groupsshould be given no room for expansion nor access to weapons. Themovements of weapons should be highly monitored to prevent anyaccession by extremist groups.

Therefore,it is vital for Israel to unveil an independent political andsecurity measure in collaboration with regional partners to ensure acommon goal in the fight against terrorism and the establishment ofthe extremist groups.


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