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Thanksgiving Experience



ADinner with Diana

Itwas on a Friday evening when I received a call from Diana, who wantedme to go over to her place for dinner. She is one of those friendsyou can never turn down since we have been friends for the longesttime, and her cooking skills are just on another level. Cooking isnot only her hobby, but also what she pursued at school you can nowimagine how sumptuous her food was. I arrived at her house, and Icould smell the most alluring aroma from her dining table. We sat atthe table prepared with plates, silverware, and napkins. The stuffedshrimp and cuts of exquisite hamburger were very chilly and crisp intheir bundles, while mushrooms, carrots, and onions had been diced. Ienjoyed the meat as it softened in my mouth as it glided, while theshrimp imitated a smooth surface. I stacked the shrimp withvegetables. After a couple of minutes, I was whitewashed withappetizing hills of natural goodness.

Dianawas an excellent narrator, and as we enjoyed the meal together, Icould not resist listening to her interesting narration about theprevious school trip we had. She had been my friend since we joinedcollege. We have shared a lot in common since our high school days.Now it was the best moment to spit all the secretive school dramathat each one of us had experienced.

Thenight seemed to run faster. We could not realize it was past midnightuntil her phone alarm went off, reminding her of the familyget-together that was to be conducted the following day at hergrandfather’s premises.

Sincerelythis was one of the most amazing Thanksgiving moments of my life.Diana had prepared an artful masterpiece. In a nutshell, this hadbeen the most heavenly feast I have ever had. What an awesomeexperience it was, I wish I could enjoy it once more.