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The 2016 American Election is The Downfall of America

The2016 American Election is The Downfall of America

The2016 American Election is The Downfall of America

Votingprovides the opportunity for citizens of any country to elect theirgovernment democratically. To ensure an election of right candidatesto office, people have to be literate and wise in their selection.Americans went to the polls on November eighth, 2016 in which theoutcome was extremely shocking to the world. The outcome, DonaldTrump was declared the 45thpresident of the USA. While delivering his victory speech, hepromised a great economic strategy. Sadly, his policies might markthe downfall of America. This essay will explore how Trump’svictory will negatively affect the economy of the United States aswell as the destruction of the country’s good relations with othernations.

TheRepublican candidate had once promised a universal provision ofhealth care, but the ideology changed later on in his campaign. Oneof the details of the seven-point strategy of reforming the healthcare included the repeal of the Obamacare program. A big number ofcitizens felt that his health care proposal is not based on economicevaluation, but rather on his dislike to the insurance agencies.According to an article by Dan Diamond, Trump expressed hisunwillingness to cooperate with pharmaceuticals and health insurancefirms citing that he did not receive any campaign money from them. Byallowing consumers to obtain health insurance from other states, theidea proves to be impactful as it will bring competition among theinsurance companies. Although the concept is intended to bringimprovement in the insurance sector, some people feel that the ideawill not achieve much as insurance policies from different states mayfail to avail the network of physicians and affordable prices(Diamond, 2015a).

Theother astonishing policy championed by Trump reforms is the demandfor the deportation of over 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.Furthermore, he advocated for the construction of a wall between theUnited States and Mexico. This reform would be disastrous to theeconomy of the country as various agricultural industries depend onthe cheap labor from these immigrants. Additionally, there will bedecreased revenue on local businesses that sell their products to themigrant population.

Duringhis campaigns, the president-elect called for the exclusion of allMuslims from entering the U.S. He also called for the surveillance ofall mosques and the establishment of a database that would harborinformation on all Muslim in the country. His perception was basedon the notion that the Islamic culture is affiliated with terrorism.If the ban is taken into consideration, both the Muslims seeking tobe U.S citizens and tourists will be barred. His comments willtarnish United States relations with other countries especially theArab countries (Diamond, 2015b).

Trumpis an established business person, however, he has rejected tradedeals between the USA and other countries, for instance, TTIP(Trans-Pacific Partnership) and NAFTA trade agreements. Although hehas a strong commercial background, his proposal to “negotiatebetter agreements” is not very ideal. For example, Trump wantedChina to devalue its currency, and its economy declared a “currencymanipulator” as it exports cheap products. If this proposal isconsidered, it will impact U.S negatively as the devaluation ofcurrency will trigger production of much cheaper products in Chinahence loss of the USA’s manufacturing jobs (Colvin, 2015).Additionally, his government will impose a 35% additional tax onimports. This move will ultimately hurt the Americans as they wouldend up paying more hence affecting the economy.

Otherreforms that will impact negatively on U.S economy and itsrelationship with other nations include the change of foreign policywhere NATO allies would have to pay more for US protection. Thiswould cause global tension and realignments which is likely to causerifts between the USA and global partners.

Itis very shocking to have a global leader who does not realize theimpending effect of global warming. He has promised to scrap theclimate plans formulated by President Obama. In his approach to easeregulations, he promised to lift restrictions on mining limits(Mufson, 2016). Lack of leadership on issues of climate change by theUSA would mean that global warming would not be taken seriously byother countries hence the entire globe would be at risk.

Inconclusion, Trump’s reforms may be directed to bring positivechange in the U.S, but on the contrary, they will create more harm.If the above-discussed policies will be implemented in hispresidency, there is no doubt that they will create a lot of adverseeffects and in particular on the economy of the United States.


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