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The cinematic techniques on Wizard of Oz

Thecinematic techniques on Wizard of Oz

Allmovies focus on driving specific points to the viewers, generallyreferred to as the theme. By watching a movie, different themesusually surface, but they all work in coordination to bringing up thecentral idea. Moreover, the directors employ different techniques inbringing up the key ideas in the movie. The environment in which thecasting takes place is one of the fundamental entities considered.The costumes, design elements, and cinematic techniques are alsoinstrumental in building the theme. Moreover, the seriousness of thementioned items depends on the genre of the film. Some films addressserious issues and thus the directors have to adjust everything todepict the theme (Holmes). TheWizard of Ozmovie alludes to the novel by Frank Baum under the same name.Therefore, regarding the film, this analysis focuses on outlining thethemes depicted in it and the techniques that facilitated theestablishment of these themes.


Lifestyleand Adventure

Thefilm revolves around Dorothy Gale, a young girl, and her family. Onthe start, the movie tells the story of Gale and her dog Toto wholive a separately exclusive life with their uncle and aunt. Theguardians of Gale are too busy with their lives to pay attention towhat is happening in her life. In the movie, more events touch on theordinary lives that people live and the predicaments they experienceon their daily pursuits for a better life while growing up. However,in the film, Dorothy explores different lives that the moviesuccessfully illustrates through switching of events. In her newlife, she embarks on a journey where she meets different people alongthe way. However, in both lives of reality and the dream, Gale has alife and events that unfold daily (Koupal). The director andscriptwriter create a transition of events that shifts the role ofGale from having a healthy life to a life of adventure. They use astorm and a dream to make these events link up successfully.Therefore, throughout the series, all the events facilitate buildingup the theme of lifestyle and adventure.

Techniquesand design elements

Throughobservation, the graphic designs used in the movie relates thestoryline of the film to the novel as alluded. According to themovie’s script, Dorothy Gale was a young girl, but in theassignment of characters, the one chosen was seventeen years. Thecharacter had a long curved wig which got eliminated by thechoreographer (Sheehan). Additionally, the former choreographer hadadopted the wig in an attempt to hide the actresses dress. The wiggot successfully replaced by using a flattened bra which she wore inthe movie. By doing so, the notion that she was a young girl asdepicted in the script came into reality thereby contributing to thetheme of Dorothy Gale as a young lady in the film.

Technicoloredsetting gets used widely in the movie. The technique entailedcoloring of costumes and the use of makeup on the main cast. WhenDorothy enters the Munchkin land, low-key light is used and also, thesame is seen during the characters first meeting with the wizard.This creates the theme of adventure whereby there is a transition inthe lifestyle of the cast. The entire set up gets lit when Dorothybegins her new adventure in her dream high key lighting is used tocreate this set up which directly influences the theme.

Thecostume designs also contribute to the development of the theme indifferent ways. For instance, the production of a dirty white dressoccurs by dying Dorothy’s white dress that she wears in the movie.The use of dyed costumes and makeup apparently brings out the themeof Life and adventure. The change feels the wind and storms effectson the coloring of clothes.

Inbringing out a movie’s theme and other events of importance, acombination of all elements plays a central role. In this film, theuse of Technicolor and different costumes works to the advantage ofthe theme because the various life events get unfolded in theprocess. Usually, life cannot take the same course on a daily basis.Therefore, a combination of these themes helps to bring out how lifeis supposed to be in reality. Therefore, all these design elementscorrespond to the mentioned theme regarding how diverse and dynamiclife is in reality.

However,regarding the movie, many setbacks have occurred in trying to makestuff better. For instance, the use of too much Technicolor makes ithard for the film to gets converted into 3D formats. Instead, othertechniques like filming the movie at different times of the day wouldhave been effective in contributing to the themes. Moreover, byexploring the healthy lives of people and incorporating them into thefilm without changing the script, the movie would still have embracedthe themes. Unfortunately, the filming companies focused on the useof technology rather than real life settings in their developmentprocess. Despite these limitations, the movie is still a successdespite limiting the systems used to technology.


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