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The cold war

Thecold war

Responseto Rhianna Lavalla

Tobegin with, Lavalla points out that both countries are played acrucial role in starting the cold war. He firmly believes that theUnited States initiated the whole process due to a misunderstandingof the agreements. It is clear that the author tries to bring out thepoint of antagonism between the two parties for several years whichis a crucial point to note. I was also moved by the point of Truman’smisunderstanding of the Yalta Agreement since it appears to be thecause of the whole problem. Typically, he believes that as much asthe Soviet state was after its protection, the United Statesmisunderstood their move.

Responseto Logan

Hebelieves that both of the parties are responsible for the cold war. Ilike when he brings the idea of communism as the main reason why theUnited States started the war. Classically, he argues that theprimary reason for the war is because the United States feared thatthe Soviet Union was gaining power too fast. Therefore, they had torespond to this fast before they could remain irrelevant. It is alsoevident that America was too concerned of the growth of the influenceof communism. I agree with him in his argument that the United Statesof America simply started the war due to fear of power.

Whatcountry was responsible?

Inmy opinion, I believe the United States was responsible for the startof the cold war. This is because of their increasing concernsregarding the growth of the Soviet Union thus they thought they wouldbe overthrown. This lead to misunderstanding of some of theagreements that soon resulted in the war (Joseph,2016).At that moment, they feared to lose the power due to the advantagesattached to it and so the only way to do so was by initiating a war.


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