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“The Diary of Rachel Cormany” (Civil War)


&quotThe Diary of Rachel Cormany&quot (Civil War)

The Diary of Rachel Cormany (Civil War)

The title of the primary source in thediscussion is “The Diary of Rachel Cormany,”written by James C. Mohr and was first published in 1982. Althoughthe book revolves around the American history, it does not have aspecific target audience, but it ismeant for any person who isinterested in history. The paper will focus on analyzingThe Diary of Rachel Cormany by James C. Mohr, as well as highlightingthe key points.

The author states various important things in the reading. Hefirst states that Rachel Cormany had to stay up late because she wasafraid of the Rebels, then she saw them pass by her window ridinghorses. Subsequently, the author narrates that Rachel has to lie downsince she did not want to be part of the contraband (Mohr, 1982). Theinformation provided is relevant since it emphasizes how violent thecivil war was. Moreover, it reveals the suffering the people faced.

One of the quotes from the reading states, ‘‘ifthe Rebel could haveseen her then she most likely she would be among the Contraband thatinvolved only women and children. Itis the same with the file thatdescribes to the Virginia Headquarters by Rebel strength stating thatthey took some men and females close to 175 along with 225 childrenas contraband.” It is vitalsince it reveals the suffering women and children undergo duringwars. The topic isdiscussed in Chapter 21 of theprimary source, between pages 448 and 451.

In conclusion, although there are manyunanswered questions regarding the content in the source, thecentral issue is why the Unionsoldiers were not taking controls of the situation by attacking therebels. The reading broadens one`s understanding of the AmericanCivil War topic since the reader gets to know that women and childrenwere the ones who were captured most by the rebels.


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