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The Effect of President-Elect Trump Repealing ACA


The Effect ofPresident-Elect Trump Repealing ACA

The repealing of the ACA will have negative and positive implicationson the women’s rights. The women’s rights that are likely to beaffected by Donald Trump’s presidency include reproductive healthrights, abortion rights, and paid leave rights. During his campaign,the President-elect made it clear that he will appoint severalanti-abortion judges to the Supreme Court. One of the aims ofappointing a pro-life judge will be to overturn the historic Roe v.Wade ruling that empowered women to make decisions on whether or notto access abortion services (Rinkunas, 2016).

Besides, Donald Trump can influence the Supreme Court into outlawingabortion entirely. When campaigning, Trump said that he would takeaway abortion rights from pregnant mothers across the country. Heeven argued that women who would seek abortion ought to be punished.Only women who become pregnant following a rape or incest incidentand those whose health is at risk will be allowed to seek to aborttheir unborn babies (Zarya, 2016). If this happens, women`s right todecide whether or not to seek abortion services will be restricted.

Additionally, the President-elect objects to the use of Medicaid tocover abortions for women from low-income households (Laughland etal., 2016). It means that only women who can afford to pay forabortion will seek these services. Also, if President-elect Trumpdefunds Planned Parenthood, women’s ability to make reproductivehealth choices will be restricted (Eunjung &amp Goldstein, 2016). Apart from outlawing abortion, Donald Trump maintained that uponwinning the elections, he would defund the Planned Parenthood (Rini,2016). This move will negatively affect the women’s right toreproductive health. If the Planned Parenthood is defunded, womenwill not have access to birth control methods which means that theywill have no alternative but to carry their pregnancies to full termwhenever they conceive.

On the positive sides, women will not be forced to buy an insurancecoverage or else pay fines as provided for in the Affordable CareAct. Besides, one of the negative aspects of the ACA is that itlimits the number of healthcare providers that can offer reproductivehealthcare services to women. As such, if President-elect DonaldTrump succeeds in repealing the ACA, women will have the right tochoose several preferred clinics that would provide them withpersonalized healthcare service (Ludden, 2016).

Also, Trumps made it clear that he will implement a six-month of paidmaternity leave for women. He said that only women who have givenbirth will enjoy the paid leave and not those who have adopted orobtained children using other means (Zarya, 2016). This willpositively impact women`s right, particularly in the workforcebecause they will not have to worry about the money to sustain themwhile they take care of their newborns. Although Trumps failed tocomment on how he will address the gender gap in terms of wagedifferences between men and women, providing pregnant mothers withpaid leave will go a long way in safeguarding the women’s rights inthe workplaces (Zarya, 2016).

If President-elect Donald Trump manages to repeal the Affordable CareAct, various aspects of the private insurance coverage will beaffected. For example, women’s access to reproductive health andbirth control services will be limited due to the defunding of thePlanned Parenthood program. Additionally, women’s right to accessabortion services may be restricted in case President-elect Trumpmanages to appoint a pro-life justice to the Supreme Court who will,in turn, override the ruling of the Roe v. Wade. Besides,President-elect during his campaign said that he would seek to ensurethat women get a six-month paid leave. This will go a long way inenhancing the women`s right in the workplace. Besides, women will notbe forced to purchase an insurance coverage as is the case with theAffordable Care Act.


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