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The Godfather movie

TheGodfather movie

TheGodfather movie has been adapted from Mario Puzo’s novel and haschanged the perspective of how audiences understand the criminalrole, making it to realize great progress in the growth anddevelopment of the gangster genre. The movie’s success story andfame has exceeded that of its original novel. Different methods havebeen used by the film makers in an effort to own the original storytherefore making it is impossible to match the success of the movieto the book (The Godfather, 2012). The film can only be interpretedaccording to its cinematic influence and the subsequent effects onthe viewers. However, evidence show that although the film matchesthe description of a gangster movie, it can also be viewed as a storyabout an Italian American family who are desperately trying to pursueand achieve the American dream. In its setting, was able to win several Oscar awards in 1972. The awards includedproducing the best picture, having the best actor of the yearrepresented by Marion Brando and achieving the best adapted screenplay. The movie simply became too good to miss.

Thefilm has used more than a sum of its total events in order to narrateits story. The producers of the film molded the meaning of the novelby using visual elements for example, how to choose the setting anddesign, coming up with an interesting choice of sound which includedmusic, quality use of the camera work and good selection of the castand narrative structure making it simply ingenious. The events in themovie have been structured and represented chronologically in orderto ensure that the viewer has a better understanding of the storyline as the drama unfolds. Parts of the story have also beenemphasized for example, more time has been allocated to individualevents such as the wedding sequence which takes almost thirtyminutes. It was necessary in order to introduce the main charactersto the viewers and identifying the theme of the film as a gangstermovie.

TheGodfather movie is pure, filled with action and drama depicted byviolent gangs who are motivated by their dreams to succeed anddominate over others. It provides an appeal to the audience byshowing a deep mythic chord as expressed by Vito Corleone whobelieves in getting justice to those who are unfairly treated in theAmerican society. The Godfather succeeded because the Corleone familyused strong tactics due to their capitalist nature to penetrateimportant market segments such as drugs, liquor and gambling,therefore, became appealing to the Americans’ capitalist instinct(The Godfather, 2014). The benevolent authority of the family in themovie which sees itself as an organization dedicated to protectingand taking care of the people’s interest makes the audience to loveit. It provides a dark appeal not only because it deals with theconsequences of sin but also shows some desirable human virtues suchas need for justice, loyalty, honor and an exercise of power. Allthese reasons explains why the movie is such a blockbuster.

Audienceshave always associated gangster movies by their familiar setting of abrutal gangster hero who has loyal henchmen, machine guns and asequence of violent behavior such as treating women like property andas sexual ornaments. This is the main reason why gangster movies haveoften stirred a moral outrage about condoning violence andlawlessness. The Godfather has not been an exception in thiscriticism. These criticism made the film industry come up with rulesthat the directors should keep in mind when making gangster moviesfor them not to turn criminals into heroes and be able to justifytheir actions. However, Coppola used the mafia as a metaphor torepresent America. He sees a different connection in which the Mafiarelates with America. In the film’s opening line, ‘I believe inAmerica,’ Coppola feels that both America and the Mafia originatedfrom Europe. Their hands got stained with blood in what they believedwas a fight to protect their interest and acquire power. Both of themare benevolent and capitalist organizations who are motivated by thegain in profit.

Thefilm introduces an Italian immigrant by the name of Bonasera, theundertaker, who has been failed by the courts and decides to ask DonCorleone to assist him in seeking justice against an attempt to rapehis daughter by some men who assaulted her. They however managed toescape with a suspended sentence. Bonasera believes that he broughthis daughter up according to the American lifestyle by providing herwith the freedom she needed and teaching her on the virtue of respectto her parents and elders. Since the law has not served him fairly,he believes that in order to get justice, he must seek Don Corleone’sassistance (The Godfather, 2013). The Don is angry at him for notreaching out to him earlier and deciding to put trust in the law, butwhen the system failed him, he comes to seek his help and addresseshim with disrespect by not calling him the Godfather. He feelsBonasera didn’t need a friend like him. However, the godfatherdecides to help him as a gift on his daughter’s wedding.


Themovie brings out different social traits most are desirable, andothers are not. These lack of biases on how the different themes wereportrayed makes the movie advisable to watch with full of lifelessons. The setting on how the film gets introduced makes one wantto look at it more and more as the story develops.


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