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The Imaginators by Dwayne Hartford critiques

TheImaginators by Dwayne Hartford critiques

Theplay I got to run the crew was based on “The Imaginators” byDwayne Hartford. It is a screenplay story that involves threechildren and the power of vivid imagination. Two children Tim andAnne had just moved into a new neighborhood in a new town. As the twoare settling in, Anne who is the elder, refuses to play with herbrother Tim in fear that the kids at the new school she is attendingwith laugh and make fun of her. This is so until they need the girlfrom next door Nina FrancesElizabeth Vanderhelden. With Anne still being reluctant and Tim veryeager, Nina takes the two of them on a make-believe adventure. Usingboxes and other materials from the garage they are able to build anadventure where they battle different child eating monsters. It isthrough this that the children are able to discover the vitality ofthe power of imagination, inner strength, and cooperation to defeatthe monsters. It is a child based play meant to particularlyencourage children to value their sense of imagination andcreativity.

Thedesign area and scenery of the play is supposed to fit into theimaginary concept of three children. As such, nothing is fixed and itcan be as simple or complex as can be imagined and achieved. In thiseven the play involved just the use of the three characters and thethree differently sized piranhas. The scene and stage were mostlyleft open and empty. The sense of this was to achieve focus on thefaces and actions of the characters are they went through theadventure. It made it possible to see the imagination in their eyesand faces as they went into the adventure. Focus was directed ontheir facial expressions as they underwent the different feelings ofimagination, fear, and realization of their strengths and cooperationin fighting the imaginary monsters. This achieves a feeling ofinvolvement as the audience is pulled into the different sets ofemotions and experiences the characters go through in the play.

Thescreen applied the use of three different sizes of piranhas. Theseprovided the main screen monster character representation. Thepiranhas are fish known for their sharp teeth and strong jaws. Theireffectiveness is achieved in that they are commonly the subject ofchildren and even adult imagination of a carnivorous monster fishcapable of devouring human beings. It also achieves that sense offear and horror required to achieve the aspect of three children inan imaginary world fighting real monsters. They are indeed mostchildren’s nightmares and vividly achieve the sense.

Differenteffects of lighting and sound were added to ensure there is achieveddifference and transition between different scenes and the emotionsthey are meant to evoke in the audiences. Bright light focusing onthe characters as they interact while the rest around them dark toinstill that movement into an imaginary world. Different shades andflickering of lights as different scenes changed to reflect thedesired moods and feelings such as fear and realization. Dramaticeffects were achieved by the use of different sounds and melodiesplayed from a piano. This achieves noises, hymns, and occasionalroars and cluttering of the monsters attacking and combats betweenthe children and the monsters.

Generally,the play was well executed in line with its sense and purpose ofproduction. Based on three children characters in an imaginaryadventure fighting monsters, it achieved the

showof imagination and cooperation combating fear.