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“The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Performance and Growth of


“TheImpact of Social Media Marketing on Performance and Growth ofBusiness”

TheImpact of Social Media Marketing on the Performance and Growth ofBusiness

Socialhas become a huge influence on us, and a verylargenumber of people are active on social media platforms. There are verymany social media platforms which people can subscribeto.A greater percentage of individualswho are usuallyactive on various platformsof social media areacceptedto more than one platform. Some of the social media platforms includeFacebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and Meerkat these are someof the most subscribed social media platforms (Turner, 2016). Thepurpose of social media is changing over the years as more and moreplatforms continue to belaunched.They started as interaction platforms, but they are now more thaninteracting and meeting new people. Marketing has now become a partof social media, and many social media platforms have incorporatedthis into their systems. Companies such as Facebook are making hugeprofits from advertising products and services through theirplatform, and many others have joined (Word Stream, 2016).


Severalpeople and companies have taken to social media to market theirbusiness which has also given rise to other firms. This researchwants to focus on how social media is impacting on the performanceand growth of various companies.The rate at which this marketing is growing is so fast, and it iscreating a new market that didn`t exist as stated earlier. Businessesand individuals have come and are building businesses to help themtheir clients selltheir products and services on social media. The research wants toknow whether the companiesare improving, whether the small scale traders can get morecustomers. Does it know whether the networks have developed,have more businesses opened, have they increased their sales? It willhelp us know whether the social media marketing was a curse orblessing to companies.

Manybusinesses have been able to grow because of their social mediamarketing, and they are now able to reach more people. Usually, afriend recommends the business to you on any social media site, andmost people follow up and counter check the business. Many companiesare rebranding their marketing strategy so as to target the youth onsocial media who are the majority social media users. Many companiesin Africa are even using social media personalities on the samesocial media sites to advertise their businesses.It propels salesbecause the people identify with that particular figure and they areusually their followers. When checking through their profiles, peoplecan be able to see the products advertised there, and this acts asreferee point. Ithasbeen able to reach very many individualswho do not read dailies, who do not watch news and programs ontelevision advertisements, who don`t pay attention to billboards(Chang, Yu &amp Lu, 2015).

Verymany small businesses in Africa and across the globe have been ableto grow because of their social media presence. Many companiesare struggling to have a huge presence on social media, and they haveexperts working on them. In countries such as Kenya, some customersaddress some companies about their services, and their needs can becateredfor at once. It has helped the companies have a touch with theircustomers and the customers get satisfied because of theirinteraction with these groups(Njanja, 2016). Some other people have seen a business opportunityand are creating businesses to help businesses do social mediamarketing. These companies keep on marketing their products andservices, the more they do, the more these other marketsrise too (Kinyamu, 2016).


Inthe current technology-drivenworld, social media sites haveemergedasa place where retailers can extend their marketing strategies todifferent clients all over the world. Chi (2011), describes theprocess of marketing using social media as a link that exists betweentwo parties which he names as consumers and brandswhile giving currency and personal means for operator socialinteraction alongside centered networking. Importantly, thismethodof marketing is of great significant to originations striving in abidto achieve competitive advantages in the market.The review givesmuch attention tothe retailers’ development alongside the implementation of socialmedia as an additional spice to their marketing policy.

Theapproaches together with tools for cooperatingwith the customers have improved in a significantpercentage following the existence of social media platforms. As aresult, it is a dire need for all business globally to learnand also adopt the use of the social media as their way of marketing(Mangold and Faulds, 2011).

Beforeconsidering social media as a tool for commercialization,then the retailer has the obligation of understanding every aspectthat entails this emerging form of advertising. It is not easy tounderstand what social media requiresby justreading its definition as posted on Web 2.0. Since not all theinformation found onthe internetis genuine (Kaplan and Haenlein 2010).

Kaplanand Haenlein (2010) expounds on the definition of social media as acollection of internet-basedapplications that gets their basis of technological alongsideideological basis of Web 2.0 and enhances the exchange and creationof content generated by users. On the other hand, Sinclaire and Vogus2011 cites the definition of O’Reilly (2005) that social media is afullterminology that designates software platforms that produce contentgenerated by different operators,content, and the same information can beshared.Arguably, user profilemeans that allows the userto post content, and connect with each other, forms the essentialrequirements for a website to merit to social media. Hence, socialmedia is the situation where social networking occurs and hasaffected the manner in which consumers get information as well buyingdecisions.

ConsumerSentiments regarding Marketing (CSM) is an aspect that mostresearchers’ implement in measuring how well clients willunderstand social media marketing. CSM is a concept which detonatesto the general spirit that consumers possess for marketing andmarketplace (Mandy, 2011). Someone’s understanding of the overallmarketdetermines a lot if they are interested inparticipating in the consumption behaviors.Consumersmust be willing to use technology as well as available for themto create a prosperous marketing drive using social media,According to Mand 2011 ad Parasuraman 2000, consumer technology ispeoples’ tendency to use and embrace modernmachines toaccomplish goals alongside other duties both at home and place ofwork.

Contrary,the Innovation Adoption Process is an additional instrument thatgives information regarding consumer’s receipt of the latesttechnology. The IAP is the development whereby someone goes throughthe steps of innovation decision (Rogers, 2011). During this process,five steps areinvolved.Knowledge regarding the invention, creating an attitude towards thenew design,making the decision of rejecting or accepting the modernism, andfinally is confirmation ofchoicemade (Mady 2011). The steps are helpful for marketers to gain amarketing campaign in social media that is satisfying.

Themajor topic that many scholars are studying regarding social media asa tool for marketing is Virtual Brand Communities (VBC). It can betermedas a combinationof customers that takes place on the internet as a result of theirspecific interest in particular product or brand (Muniz and O’Guinn2012, 3).

Itis important that marketers alongside retailers to be aware of theissues that affect consumer motives alongside motives since usersare continuously generating content regarding brands, something whichwas under control of the companies only (Heinonen 2011). As a result,the recent study has explored different features of social mediasites and how they affect consumer motives alongside attitude. Chu(2011) examines the relationship that exists between Facebook productrelated group contribution, the responseof the advertising, together with psychological factors of attitudeand self-disclosure among participants and non-participants of theFacebook group. The report deduced that users who are in Facebookgroups are likely to unveil their personal information compared tothose who are not in the group.

Cox(2010) studied the correlation that exists between attitude alongsideage and reported that social network operator positionregarding online publicity formats for instance video, blogs, webpageand brand channel differtosome degree depending the age group user belong. She adds that userbetween the age of 18-28 have the rightattitude onvideo, blogs,and brand channel ad since they find these forms of ad moreattractive.Those between the age of 35-54 prefer brand channel and video (Cox2010).

Aimand Objectives

Socialmedia has penetrated into our mindset, and at this time there arevery social media sites across the globe. A larger population of theyouth can be able to get access to social media, and this makes thema target for many companies marketing. The research aims to knowhowto understand how social media is playing a part inthe current marketing. The marketing strategies have changednowadays, and social media has beenincorporatedintoit. Very many businesses have taken to social media to market theirproducts, and this research will look at how they have fared on. Wewant to be able to establish whether the businesses have grown andexpanded and reached more customers because of their online presence(Lance, 2016). In part of the study, it has beennoticedthat some people have been able to create businesses to deal withthis type of marketing.

Scopeof Study

Theresearch studies how social media has been able to influence many ofthe businesses and how it has affected them.

  • How many businesses have been able to expand because of marketing on social media?

  • Are there any companies that were launched on social media and they have grown to make profits?

  • Have the marketing firms changed the way they used to market businesses for companies or did they stick with the traditional model?

  • Have new jobs been created by this type of marketing or have their employment been lost?

Whenconducting this research, there are some objectives I have that mustbeaccomplishedby the end of this study. This research should be able to identifythesegoalsand aims for the purpose of social media marketing to businesses canbe determined.Some of these goalsinclude:

  • Ascertain whether small, medium and large firms have been able to grow their businesses through social media marketing.

  • Have new customers been impressed with the products and services of these businesses as they were impressed with the marketing?

  • To establish if the many new businesses that have been formed on social media and have been able to gain a market share through this type of marketing.

  • Has social media marketing done better than the traditional approach of marketing and has it penetrated to reach the consumers.

Socialmedia marketing seems to have been able to impact positively onvarious businesses as they have been able to advance significantly.Companieswith brands and social media following have been able to retain theircustomer levels and increase too. More than 53 percent of Americanswho follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brandsaccording to a study done by The Social Habit. More content has beenable to be shared faster and easier than the previous traditionalapproach (Bauer, 2015). Verylargeamounts are generated through social media and mainly by the leadingsocial media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Through the dailysocial listening, one can gather a lot of information about theircustomers and be able to know how to make good business decisions.There are more than 500 million tweets daily on Twitter, 4.5 millionlikes on Facebook and 95 million photos and videos posted onInstagram (Copp, 2016).

Theaims are more realistic since they look at how the businesses havebeen affected directly by social media marketing.Before social media marketing, there were other forms of marketingwhich existed and it hasn’t been faced out. One of my objectives isto know between the two, which one has been able to reach theconsumers more than the others. The people who used to work on theprevious method, did they lose jobs or are they still working? Thisnew marketing strategy has disrupted an industry, and it is importantto know whether it has been able to create new jobs. It is,therefore, relevant to have the objectives stated above.

Identificationand initial review of critical literature

“SocialMedia Marketing (SMM).”

“SocialMedia Optimization (SMO).”

“SearchEngine Optimization (SEO).”

Gainingattention and massivetraffic at social media sites by undertaking some efforts is known associal media marketing. Small, medium and large businesses may takethe initiative to be able to market their businesses through socialsites. It is done to increase sales and gain new market and also beable to expand quite widely. At times, other people or establishedmarketing companies can be hired to do this social media marketing.In the social sites, people can discover and be able to learn a lotof things daily as there is a lot of information on these sites(Sullivan, 2016). SMO is one of the key elements of Social MediaMarketing.It is strategy put in place so that it can be able to drawnew and more visitors to the sites, just like the SEO

Themore this isdone,the more the people can visit and have a look at the site. There arevarious ways in which SMO can bedonewe shall focus on the two ways. The first one is adding buttons or attimes adding social media links to the content. It willhelp people get access to the sites and have a look at what it isthere. Another form is increasing activity at your site or blog bytweeting, updating status, posting photos or writing blog posts(Wasserman, 2016). Businesses can connect with their customers andnetwork quite well because of the SMM. The customers can be able totweet them about anything of interest to them, or even send themmessages when they want to address anindividualissue. Ithashelped improved the customer experience and in the case of anytrouble your trouble can be able to be solved quite early. Theengagement with their clients is helping build a formidablerelationship and value each other more (Wicks, 2015)

Verymany businesses have been able to gain new customers because of theirsocial media presence. The companykeeps people informed by posting their pictures and videos abouttheir products keep on tweeting and even updating their profiles.This appeal to the customers as they can know what is now availableand what are some of the new things beingintroduced.Some social media platforms have an option of review where thesebusinesses shall be examined by people who have used them. When thereis good feedback, more customers areappealedto, and the customers bring in more new customers (Simone, 2015).Small businesses have grown and expanded through these SMM. Variouscompanieswerelaunchedon Facebook as small businesses such as delivering products orproviding certain services such as fumigation. These businesses havenow had the platform to expand and reach more people, the more thepeople used these, and the more popular they got (Turton 2016).

Theseexpansions have helped even collapsing businesses be able to riseagain as they now had a new platform to market themselves indifferent ways. A lot of businesses were on their death beds, butthey were able to keep them afloat by keeping them exciting so thatthey can be able to appeal to their customers. 2016 has seen millionsof memes beingcreatedand some business used this to their advantage to make fun. Thefunnier they got, the more traffic they got on their profiles andmade people want to try their products and services. SMM helped themnot to throw the towel as they changed their appeal, some even gotmore customers and made better sales than before.Italsosaw them remodel and improve the quality of their products andservices which gave them a fighting chance (Burton, 2016).

Notevery business is a competitor, at times people can learn a lot fromother firms.Social media offers this platform tothe other companieswill be marketing their products and services they will be able alsoto see them. Itoffersthem a chance to look at what they do and compare to what the otherbusinesses are doing, and they can also interact. It is always theperfect opportunity to get to copy some of their best ideas, cancreate a platform where they can be able to network, talk and knowabout their businesses. Marketing online is also affordable and cheapeven to starting businesses with small capital. It is a platform thatwill help them and grow their businesses at very low costs other thanthe previous models. It is also available to everyone who wants touse it as it has no discriminations (Burton et al. 2016).

Thisnew way of marketing has provided a way for marketers and moreimportantly advertisers, in, broad to have the additionalfreedom that they ever did previously in the manner they achieve andengage with clients. New forms of new metrics, content, measurementtools and administration platforms have made more conveniently foradvertisers to analyze statistics and monitor the efficiency of apromotion campaign.It is harder to do usingtraditional advertisingand ismore difficult to&quotrecognize&quot the returns on the ventureas it simply online. The delivery of the content has considerablyimproved because they have to appeal to the customers to use theirservices. A business can have a great product or service, but with afailing marketing strategy, the companywill fail too. The consumers are attracted to your business and wantto try to use it when it iswell marketedto them. That will help the business grow tremendously this hasenabled small businesses with great marketing strategies succeed

Withthe increase of platforms of social media in addition tothe degree to which it isutilized in daily, personalonline connections, users have comeup with the differentprospect of entrepreneurship when it comes to the manner they are&quottreated&quot from a promotion perspective. A firms’ socialnet account is compared to be as good as its echelon of attention tothe consumers. Brands have to be willing to eavesdrop as well ascommunicate, which assists to foster the emotion of chat with thecustomer base plus make the addressees feel they are being listenedto and recognized. Responding and monitoring the communications arecritical to a company`s achievement with a socialadvertising campaign and it can help to build up a range of corecommerce obligations. Social media in recent years has made itpotential for interactions between firms and customers to be areal-time, unswerving interaction that theycan be more responsive,competent, inventive and helpful (Demoss, 2014).


Theresearch will be carried out by adopting a deductive research byhypothesis. I intend using qualitative methods by collectingsecondary data that will form my hypothesis.The secondary data refers to journal articles, books, researchersby other social media experts, credible sources like marketing firms,newspapers, and websites. The data collected will be analyzed andaccording to the researchers of collectionand academia (McLeod, 2006). In addressing data quality issues, Iwill address data reliability issues by ensuring a framework thatavoids any form of bias and errors in my hypothesis. I decided to usesome organizations and research papers by other researchers who havedone this before me. I will use there are researchersas my reference point.

Thecase study research is a linear but iterative process. It willdemonstrate the&nbsprightprocedure of case design “ ( planning, designing, preparing,collecting, analyzing, and sharing)”inaddition to highlighting how every step need the researcher toevaluate and re-examine previous decisions (Yin, 2009). I willconduct my research by using different sources since compiling allthis data will help quite a lot (Shengelia &amp Mills, 2006).Therefore, my research will beconductedin the following steps:

  • Studying and looking at the data analysis of the traditional marketing strategies and how they were applied. I will also look at other researches done

  • I will collect data from various sources as I will explain below. I will address the ethical issues and the reliability concerns

  • I will focus on how SMM has been widely adopted and how it has helped small companies grow and expand that much

  • Based on the results of the data analysis, inference will be reduced to facilitate possible recommendation.

Datafor this research will be sourcedsecondarily. It will be easier as I will be looking at theinvestigations done by others before me(Durepos, 2006).It will be able to give areal and definite outline other than interviewing because attimes people usually exaggerate some information (Callon, 2006). Someof the sources will be reliable newspapers and journals, magazines,articles from distinguished marketing writers, through the socialmedia platforms of some businesses (Aberdeen, 2013). I have chosenthese methods because they give an accurateinsight of the how the real SMM is taking place. An example to seeif a business is doing good marketing is looking at the social mediaplatforms because there will be a clear outline of the interactionbetween the firm and the people (Gunelius,2015). Another thing is because I can be able to compare the twomarketing strategies and this will help me in a part of my research(Smith, 2016).

Whenconducting research, several methods are used.These methods have strengths and weaknesses the advantagesmust outweigh the weaknesses because you are the one who chose thatway (Stapletton, 2015). Some of mystrengths are that I will be able to get first-hand information bylooking at the real data of the SMM at the social media platforms.Other sources of mine will have already beenhaving researched, it is cheaper, it is time-saving, and it doesn`tlimit the scope of my research. Some of the weaknesses arethat at times different newspapers might behaving conflicting data, some journals and newspapers, articles mightnot be reliable. Those are the strengths and weaknesses of myresearch methodology.

Inthe research ethics, it focuses on the issues that areraised when sourcing data from individuals.It has to ensure that the research protects the people, as itserves their interest and the research its purpose and finally lookat issues such the process of informed content. Since this is asecondary sourcing for research, I will have to ensure that theresearch focuses on its purpose (Walton, 2016).


Thewhole project is of great importance as each has action is special.It needs time and dedication with the completefocus at all the subtopics. One of the best ways that provide abrilliant planning method so as to be able to track the project overthe time is a Gantt chart. The chart is arranged systematicallyaccording to the arrangement of the subtopics and how they wereexecuted (Saunders,Lewis &amp Thornhill, 2009). The literature and review of thesubject areas, collecting and the interpretation of all the data willbe carried out between the months of November 2016 and January 2017.Between February 2017 and April 2017, I will collect data, analyze itand write my observations about my research. A period of three weekshas been set aside so that I can be able to submit my project pendingapproval.

Italso the time tocorrect any mistakes and improves on the project. The Gantt chartbelow will indicate the proposed level of work that should bedone from November2016, though, part of the criticalliterature research has already been carried out.


November 2016

December 2016- January 2017





April 2017

May 2017

Week Activities

























Literature review







Submit Project Proposal








Data collection






Analyse Data





Arguments based on analysis





Submit draft


Get feedback




Submit final report



NB/-The week refers to Monday on the Gantt chart above.


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